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During our web events we present the most innovative sales automation solutions for the consumer goods industry. You can register to attend the upcoming events below. In addition you can access the recordings of the recent webinars to learn more.

Enrich your Perfect Store strategy with Motivation!

During our webinar, we present on how to better motivate your field sales representatives to constantly improve their Perfect Store results. Such an approach will help you to drive sales and untap additional value from Perfect Store. More than that, it will bring new energy and excitement to your sales force’s work. Highly motivated, your mobile staff will always aim to fully reach their Perfect Store targets - visit by visit, day by day, and month by month. Watch our webinar recording and learn more on how to motivate your sales representatives and as a consequence make your Perfect Store journey even more successful.

Enrich your Perfect Store strategy with Motivation!

Link Perfect Store to Motivation and win at the shelf!

Perfect Store is nowadays one of the most efficient sell-more enablers in the FMCG industry. It helps to increase sales by 5 to 20 % at short notice. Therefore, it is worth making best use of Perfect Store. This can be done whilst adding motivation elements into your Perfect Store strategy:

  1. Set clear Perfect Store targets. Display those at the very beginning of the day. Enable your mobile staff to track their achievements in real-time, on their mobile devices, call by call.
  2. Link your sales force’s actions to a compelling compensation scheme. Provide them with full information about their bonus model. Calculate your sales representatives’ bonuses based on the Perfect Store targets achieved in real-time. Show the bonus points earned per visit, daily or monthly. This will motivate your employees to accomplish their KPIs in the most effective way for their own benefit.
  3. Add compelling gamification elements into your sales force’s daily work. Organize exciting competitions for your sales representatives. Use animated visuals to illustrate their efforts and results, based on their actual Perfect Store targets. It will keep your mobile staff constantly engaged and ready to improve their Perfect Store results call by call.

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