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During our web events we present the most innovative sales automation solutions for the consumer goods industry. You can register to attend the upcoming events below. In addition you can access the recordings of the recent webinars to learn more.

Upcoming live webinar: August 30th, 2017!

Smart Presentation: a unique way to visualize your selling stories in FMCG!

Do you want to empower your field sales force to sell better and sell more at the Point of Sales? Watch our webinar recording and learn how to help your sales representatives to make better use of their sales opportunities. During the webinar, we will present to you Smart Presentation, enabling you to provide exceptionally attractive selling stories within your SFA solution. But this is not all; Smart Presentation can offer you much more to make you win at the store shelf!

Smart Presentation - a new way of presenting within your SFA technology

Smart Presentation

Smart Presentation is a completely new way of presenting in front of the customer. It allows you to create a business case for your retailers to make them better understand the impact of your offer based on relevant data and insights.

During the webinar you will meet our innovative solution: Mobile Touch Smart Presentation

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation is an innovative sales tool, available within the Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform, which allows you to link your commercial data with an extremely attractive way of presenting. The solution will enable you to be different, innovative and more effective at the Point of Sales. It will also help you to motivate your customers to buy into the Perfect Store proposition more easily. Last but not least, it will enable you to keep your sales force constantly engaged and make them feel excited.

Very attractive product presentations to retailers

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation enables your sales representatives to present your product catalogue more comprehensively and visualize your selling stories more compellingly in front of a customer.

Compelling Perfect Store journey

When combining Mobile Touch Smart Presentation with Perfect Store capabilities, you can conduct your Perfect Store audits in a simpler and more informative way, as well as better understand and explain the current situation in the store.

Extremely exciting gamification

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation enables you to present extremely nice visualizations, e.g. an internal competition for your sales force based on real-time target achievements.


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