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This is where our software users, as well as anybody interested in our business activity, can find the latest information on our team, implementations, latest developments, or new functionality available on the Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform.


Why Perfect Store helps you to sell better and sell more?

Nowadays Perfect Store is one of the most powerful sell-more influencers in the consumer goods industry. It helps to increase sales by up to 20 % or even more. Its success is based on a combination of the methodology developing the perfect execution plan for sales...

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How to identify opportunities in retail execution more easily?

The Consumer goods industry continues to be a competitive battlefield where thousands of sales representatives fight every day for the attention of retailers and shoppers. To stand out and win at the store shelf FMCG manufactures use more and more intelligent sales tactics....

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Coaching - a critical game changing Retail Execution tool

There are plenty of well qualified mobile sales representatives in the FMCG industry. However, we trust that you are still worried about their ongoing sales performance and results especially when you want to grow. So, how can you make sure that your sales representatives will...

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