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This is where our software users, as well as anybody interested in our business activity, can find the latest information on our team, implementations, latest developments, or new functionality available on the Mobile Touch SFA platform.

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3 tips for enhancing the Perfect Store impact in FMCG

Perfect Store increases sales for FMCG manufacturers at the points of sales by 20% or even more. This proves that taking care of the shopping experience at the POS is extremely important. All this can be done whilst engaging field sales teams visiting stores on a regular...

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Mobile Touch by Asseco Roadmap updated

The newest roadmap of Mobile Touch by Asseco presents our current vision of how retail execution technology should evolve. We focus on innovation in the areas of data collection automation, insights generation and user engagement. All to help our FMCG customers to sell better...

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Three tips on how to sell better in FMCG

No doubt, the exchange of best-practice knowledge, experience and functionalities across all the markets you operate in allows consumer goods companies to achieve exceptional sales performance. A global Sales Force Automation strategy can help you govern global field sales...

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Mobile Touch Coaching by Asseco – a POI Best-in-Class recipient

Mobile Touch Coaching has again received the prestigious POI Best-in-Class award. It is named as an innovative solution which provides formalized feedback loops to address the human element. The Promotion Optimization Institute announced it in its report, “2019 Vendor Panorama...

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