Center of Excellence – let’s team up to make IT happen!

Center of Excellence – let’s team up to make IT happen!

Mobile Touch Center of Excellence is the Asseco way of collaborating with the IT teams of our customers in the area of Mobile Touch implementation and support.

A Mobile Touch Center of Excellencehas been developed for companies tired of struggling with technology when deploying our SFA software.

The initiative allows you to approach and be sure your mobile system is always taken care of in the most appropriate way!

Our Center of Excellence consists of a customer team to deliver Mobile Touch projects and to support the ongoing operation of Mobile Touch. It guarantees smooth knowledge transfer and substantial benefits for our FMCG business partners.

The self-enablement of the customer CoE can be applied to different degrees. It can do just basic business process configuration up to advanced configuration of Mobile Touch components including integration and reporting.

Key benefits for customers are improved agility in project planning, shorter lead times, greater ownership of projects, holding skills in-house and cost reduction.

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