Include key customer personnel into your FMCG retail execution strategy

Include key customer personnel into your FMCG retail execution strategy

Almost everything is going digital right now. So why not complement your sales force’s face-to-face visits at the points of sales with virtual cooperation with your retailers? Embedding customers into your Go-to-Market strategies will enable you to activate them at the POS – to work for your sales growth. It will help you to get rid of coverage limitations and ensure better collaboration with the stores, even those not visited by your sales representatives.

An Omnichannel approach: combine off-line and on-line field sales

Field sales representatives are very effective influencing retail customers while visiting them. However, the number of the stores covered and the frequency of visits is limited. How to overcome such limitations without investing in the direct costs of your field sales force? Follow an Omnichannel approach and combine off-line and on-line field sales. Implementing a Customer Portal will allow you to do it easily and successfully.

A Customer Portal can be very useful in multiple sectors of the consumer goods industry, e.g. in on trade beverages, pharma healthcare & cosmetics, confectionary and food service.

The impact of a Customer Portal on your customer personnel will be:

1. Provide them with recent brand communications, like brochures, videos, ads, etc.
2. Constantly educate them about your products, promotions, trade terms, etc.
3. Push promotions.
4. Make them take care of your Perfect Store standards.
5. Motivate them to sell more and sell better by linking their activity to trade terms, competitions or bonuses.


Customer Portals for FMCG by Asseco

Mobile Direct by Asseco supports the virtual cooperation with the points of sales in areas like Brand Communication, Orders, Loyalty, Perfect Store, Motivation and Gamification. It provides POS staff with appropriate information and engages them in selected sales processes. With Mobile Direct by Asseco you can overcome the limitations of face-to-face visits such as limited time spent by sales representative in each store and limited number of visits during a month. With this solution it is possible to carry out virtual visits any day, at any time.


Dr Andreas Enders, VP International Sales and Implementations at Asseco Business Solutions





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