Mobile Touch Roadmap Summer 2018 Edition – available now!

Mobile Touch Roadmap Summer 2018 Edition – available now!

The Mobile Touch Roadmap Summer 2018 Edition has been published. It includes a set of innovative solutions and technologies. These can help the users of the Mobile Touch platform and prospective Asseco customers to better plan their sales application strategy for the upcoming years.

The Mobile Touch Roadmap is an inspiration for consumer goods companies to improve retail execution processes and increase sales effectiveness. It is also a valuable source of information on the sales tools which can influence sales initiatives in the near and more distant future.

The Mobile Touch Roadmap is based upon the information gathered by the Mobile Touch product management team from various sources, like customers’ suggestions, industry publications and reports, leaders opinions and knowledge, technological trends, etc. The document touches on areas like processes, technology as well as architecture.

Most importantly of all, the roadmap helps to determine the “Future of Sales in FMCG” – it helps to explain how the Mobile Touch sales platform will help the FMCG industry to elevate retail execution to the next level.

Mobile Touch Roadmap Summer 2018 Edition

We renew the Mobile Touch Roadmap two to three times per year. This document indicates all new solutions, features and technologies we plan to add to Mobile Touch in the next three years. We are proud that this activity is appreciated by the Promotion Optimization Institute. The POI highlighted that our company has a very strong roadmap and demonstrated the ability to deliver against it.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

Do not hesitate to reach out to your program/project manager in Asseco Business Solutions to discuss the Mobile Touch Roadmap Summer 2018 Edition.

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