Omnichannel in FMCG:
a winning combination
to sell-more!

Bring your Sales Force Automation strategy together
with eCommerce

Omnichannel by Asseco allows you to merge face-to-face Retail
Execution with digital eCommerce. This winning combination can
help you to drive incremental sales growth, reduce costs-to-serve,
ensure more frequent contacts with customers and increase the
customer base at the same time with the same or even less sales
force resources.

Omnichannel by Asseco is a platform allowing you to support all sales processes and relationships with your customers in a comprehensive way. It enables both effective face-to-face in-store customer visits (executed by your mobile sales force) and digital communication with the stores (online self-service for customers which complements the face-to-face calling performed by your field sales representatives). All available within one single solution, designed to manage your Retail Execution processes more efficiently.

Omnichannel by Asseco: a wide range of sales options

Omnichannel by Asseco helps FMCG manufacturers to run their integrated sales strategies across multiple sales
channels at the same time. It offers rich functionality, like:

In-store sales excellence:

SFA functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution to boost the efficiency of your sales force in their daily routines.

Sell-more capabilities:

innovative SFA 2.0 solutions designed to push the boundaries beyond SFA Fundamentals. These include: Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.

Digital Communication:

the ability to provide your customers with online information on category insights, innovations, products, promotions, etc.

Digital Sales Management:

digitalization of your field sales processes, enabling for example online order processing and settlement, targeted assortments, promotions or pricing.

Digital Perfect Store:

introducing a digital Picture of Success to make your retailers take care of your Perfect Store standards by themselves.

Digital Customer Loyalty Management:

the ability to motivate your customers and build long-term relationships with them (e.g. with digital Contracts & Gamification).

Omnichannel by Asseco offers you a winning combination of offline go to market strategies with online "Going Digital"



Sales Force Automation

Mobile Touch is designed to manage face-to-face customer
interactions based on the sales forces in-store activity. It
provides both fundamental SFA functionality, as
well as more advanced SFA 2.0 features like Perfect Store, Retail
Activity Optimisation, Motivation, Coaching and Smart

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eCommerce B2B

Connector Platform enables you to engage
customers in self-service sales processes without
the involvement of your sales force. It allows you to
digitalize sales activities like Digital Communication,
Sales Transactions Management, Perfect Store, Trade
Term Management, Gamification, etc.

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Omnichannel by Asseco will enable you to:

  • Increase your sales force efficiency and boost sales at the Points of Sales with innovative SFA functionality.
  • Improve sales figures further and decrease costs whilst digitalizing your sales processes.
  • Better serve your customers by combining face-to-face and self-service customer interactions.
  • Engage your retailers in sell-in and sell-out activities no matter what the sales channel.
  • Bring sell-more SFA capabilities into the digital self-service channel to increase income.
  • Expand your Perfect Store standards to more Points of Sales, while using both sales representatives and the store staff themselves to take care of the process.
  • Reach new customers and additional market segments (not covered by your sales force traditionally).

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