FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco

Mobile Touch by Asseco is a part of the FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco.
The platform meets the new way of selling in the consumer goods industry.
It supports many of FMCG sales processes which may be executed in both
off-line and digital channels at the same time. It consists of a set of comprehensive
solutions like SFA Fundamentals, SFA Next Generation, Mobile Customer Portals,
e-Commerce B2B & B2C, Data Integration and Data Intelligence.


 Omnichannel for FMCG: a winning combination of offline and online Go-To-Market strategies

FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco allows you to complement traditional field sales teams face-to-face in-store visits with online self-services for your business partners and retailers. As a consequence, it helps you to sell more and dominate the point of sales, even those not covered by your sales force. The platform works like a menu card. The customers can choose the solutions needed to support integrated sales strategies according to their category and Go-To-Market models.


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FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco: a wide range of functions & features for the consumer goods industry



SFA Fundamentals

The basic SFA functionality enabling e.g. Targeting, Routing, Calendar and In-store execution. The solution allows you to increase efficiency of your sales force's operations.

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SFA Next Generation

The next level of SFA capabilities helping you to boost sales at the stores. These include: Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.

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Customer Portal

Digital channel for retailers, including: Brand Communication, Orders, Loyalty, Perfect Store, Motivation. It enables to activate your customers personnel at the POS and carry out virtual sales visits.

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e-Commerce B2B & B2C

Innovative web services for business partners and customers which include Brand Communication, Orders, EDI, OCR, VMI, Loyalty, Perfect Store and Motivation.

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Data Integration

Ability to collect demand signals from distribution channels and stores. The solution allows you e.g. Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Data Mapping, Data Enrichment and Reporting.

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Data Intelligence

Ability to feed your sales solutions with actionable intelligence. It covers e.g. Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Advanced Reporting & Analytics, VMI, etc.

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Omnichannel for FMCG: increase your customer base!



Omichannel for FMCG allows you to move some
of your retail execution processes into the digital
world as well and consequently maintain relationships
with a greater number of customers than ever before.
All available without increasing the direct costs of your sales force. With Omnichannel you are able to leverage
your Sales Representatives, Distribution Partners, Store Personnel, Field Sales Agencies, Syndicated Data Providers,
the Crowd, etc.

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FMCG Omnichannel Platform by Asseco will enable you to:

  • Improve sales figures and decrease costs whilst digitalizing your sales processes.
  • Better serve your customers by combining face-to-face and self-service customer interactions.
  • Engage your retailers in sell-in and sell-out activities no matter what the sales channel.
  • Reach new customers and additional market segments (not covered by your sales force traditionally).

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