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SFA platform for FMCG

Empower your mobile sales with
an eco-system of SFA solutions!

Our next generation Mobile Touch SFA platform is designed for the FMCG
industry. It is ready to meet both the traditional and latest functional needs
leveraging the global strategies of consumer goods manufacturers.

The platform allows you to manage mobile field employees, optimise sales,
improve in-store performance, motivate and coach sales representatives.
Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

 Mobile Touch by Asseco: SFA Fundamentals & SFA Next Generation

Our innovative Mobile Touch SFA platform offers functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution, like targeting, routing, calendar and in-store execution which includes surveys, promotions, orders, contracts, assets, inventories, cash collection, etc. It also provides the next level of SFA capabilities and helps the FMCG industry to push the boundaries beyond SFA fundamentals. The solution promotes innovative capabilities helping our clients to sell better and sell more. These include Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.


Mobile Touch by Asseco: an innovative eco-system of solutions

SFA Fundamentals

The basic SFA functionality
enabling e.g. targeting, routing, calendar and in-store execution. It allows you to increase the efficiency of your sales force's operations.

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Perfect Store

Ability to create optimal sales
conditions at the POS. The solution enables you to verify how closely the store resembles your own Perfect Store template.

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Possibility to reach the right
customers, at the right time and at a reduced cost, and execute the right activities at the POS. All to sell better and sell more.

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Motivation enablers for your
sales force, like fine-grain targets, compensation schemes and gamification. All combined with real-time reporting.

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Ability to constantly grow
your sales force in areas like selling techniques, sales competencies, product knowledge, or personal skills - even during store visits.

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We offer the the latest
technological breakthroughs like Artificial Intelligence, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality
and Smart Presentation.

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Mobile Touch SFA Platform: a part of the FMCG
Omnichannel Platform by Asseco




Mobile Touch by Asseco is a part of the FMCG
Omnichannel Platform.

The platform meets the new way of selling
in the consumer goods industry. It supports
many sales processes which may be executed
in both off-line and digital channels. It consists
of a set of comprehensive solutions like
SFA Fundamentals, SFA Next Generation,
Mobile Customer Portals, e-Commerce B2B &
B2C, Data Integration and Data Intelligence.

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Mobile Touch by Asseco will enable you to:

  • Support your field sales force in planning and execution of in-store activities which directly or indirectly influence sales growth.                    
  • Reach the points of sales with the greatest selling potential, with a great offer and attractive merchandise.
  • Create optimal conditions in the points of sales to move in-store situations towards excellence to win the hearts of consumers.
  • Motivate your sales force to increase their sales efficiency as well as determine your sales staff’s objectives and their execution level.
  • Support an effective coaching programme for your sales force to grow their knowledge and skills.
  • Provide exceptionally attractive sales presentations within your SFA solution and present nicely visualized selling stories based on the store level data injections.

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