SFA 2.0 platform to sell more!

SFA 2.0 platform to sell more!

Empower your mobile sales with an innovative eco-system of solutions

Our next generation Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform is designed for consumer goods enterprises employing mobile sales forces. The solution supports market leaders in constantly changing  environments. It is ready to meet both the traditional and latest functional needs leveraging the global strategies of FMCG producers.


Mobile Touch SFA is a key part of the Asseco House of Sales – an innovative Global FMCG Sales Platform which consists of a set of comprehensive solutions for sales excellence in the FMCG industry.

In the area of SFA the platform covers all the processes which are important for sales organisations to win:

  • Mobile Touch SFA 1.0 offers comprehensive fundamental functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution.
  • It also provides the next generation of SFA 2.0 capabilities and helps FMCG companies to push the boundaries beyond SFA Fundamentals. The platform includes innovative tools - the SFA Game Changers helping our clients to sell more. These include Retail Activity Optimisation, Perfect Store, Motivation, Coaching, Smart Presentation and many more.


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Our Solutions

Mobile Touch: the right solution for your needs!

Take advantage of our touch screen solution!

Take advantage of our touch screen solution!

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform improves the quality of your sales representatives’ relationships with customers. It enables faster access to information, including multimedia content, and assists in the sales process through visual presentation of promotional offers or shelf standards. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

Turn your sales force into Sales Developers!

Turn your sales force into Sales Developers!

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform completely redefines the role of your sales force operating in the field. Your mobile employees are no longer just "order collectors". Our SFA software turns them into real "sales developers"! They are not simply driving demand and sales in assigned shops but also maintaining long-term relationships with customers.


Mobile Touch:  a mobile sales platform
of many opportunities

Multi-platform solution

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform is intended for mobile users no matter which iOS or Android-powered devices they are using.

Whether your sales teams require an iPad screen size or prefer to put their smartphones in their pocket, Mobile Touch is just for them! Thanks to our unique technology we operate just as well on smartphones and tablets. Only the layouts vary between the different device types to create a user experience which balances user needs, the amount of information displayed and screen capacity.

No more need to...

… pay for two separate solutions for your business! If some of your sales teams need a handy smartphone for daily activities and others a tablet for presentations on a customer call, then this solution was designed for you!


Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 Sales Platform is capable of integrating and processing information from external sources efficiently.

Our mobile solution has flexible interfaces to work with external systems, such as ERP, DMS, etc. It can also be integrated with external components provided by leading IT vendors, including maps, cameras, scanners, printers, telephone or email.

No more need to...

… worry about being able to support your mobile sales force with the sufficient amount of easily accessible and up-to-date data. Mobile Touch becomes a bridge within your IT infrastructure!

User-friendly interface

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform is an extremely intuitive system where users are compelled to click, explore and check the options available. In a nutshell, its interface creates a fantastic user experience.

Our Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform features a very modern, state-of-the-art design, offering the user maximum convenience. This is an application which streamlines the mobile employee’s performance, so that users can focus on their daily business activities instead of struggling with technology.

No more need to...

… spend hours on application training or correcting human error caused by application complexity. Now users are able to perform all their activities more efficiently than ever!

Data Security

Data security has always been a key factor for our clients. For this reason, we host Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 Platform in the Asseco Cloud. Our data centres are built in compliance with the most demanding international security policies and we guarantee competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA).

When it comes to mobile devices, we offer a multifunctional MDM (Master Data Management) system which keeps data secure when a device is stolen, lost or damaged. This solution will also prevent your sales forces from installing unwanted software or will remotely assist in adjusting additional settings on the devices.

No more need to...

… worry about the security of your most sensitive information. With Mobile Touch you can be sure that data stored both in mobile and central applications remains safe!

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