We know that an effective support of dispersed sales forces is absolutely essential.  The users of our mobile solutions can count on our specialists when working with Mobile Touch. We let you focus on your daily business activities instead of struggling with technology.

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Łukasz Potrzyszcz

Over the last twenty years of our activity in Sales Force Automation we have come across many organization models and user support methodologies adopted within our clients' organizational structures.

Łukasz Potrzyszcz Director International Implementation Department

We offer dedicated service mechanism for global producers.

Building on this rich experience we have designed a dedicated service mechanism for our solutions addressing a number of characteristics and requirements. This includes geographical dispersion of the system users, response times to the reported problems, client's internal procedures (request workflow, integration with internal ticketing systems), as well as the monitoring of SLA terms and conditions.

With all that in mind we are able to offer our clients a range of services that guarantee top quality in the area of system delivery (Project Management, Consulting, Blue Printing, Training, User Acceptance Test support, Post go-live hypercare services and user support - Help Desk), providing hardware infrastructure for the central system and the communications infrastructure, system platform administration, maintenance, application development/software updating, continuous system maintenance and extended mobile devices services (the latter available in our domestic market Poland only).

Service catalogue

Global delivery

Cezary Buguta

We offer comprehensive solutions for global FMCG producers to be implemented across multiple channels and markets. Thus our solutions allow flexible configuration to achieve synergy between your global, regional and local operations.

Cezary Boguta Project Manager


To improve the deployment process for multinational customers
we have introduced a special program deployment methodology.

It includes common template creation on a global or regional level
and a localized roll-out to specific channels or markets.

The methodology allows the users to manage multiple implementations in parallel,
regardless of where your users are located.

Global delivery

Global cloud services

Robert Brytan

Mobile Touch fully reflects the current technology standards and trends in data processing and applications delivery. Data processing in the cloud and the delivery of solutions as services allow the best use of resources and provide the client with the most needed functionality without having to invest in server hardware and system licenses.

Robert Brytan Head of Data Processing Centre

We offer cloud based solutions. Processing in the cloud allows our customers the optimum use of resources.

The software can be hosted in Data Centers across the globe spanning from the Americas via Europe to APAC. In Europe we offer a private cloud based in the EU. In the Americas the data center is located in the US. The APAC data center is operating in Hongkong.

We offer full support services based on the customer’s specific SLA definitions no matter in what time zone or country their users are located.

Global cloud services

Centre of Excellence

Kazimierz Parasiewicz

Mobile Touch Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a way of collaborating with the IT team of our customers in the area of Mobile Touch implementation and support. A Mobile Touch CoE consists of a customer team to deliver Mobile Touch projects and to support the ongoing operation of Mobile Touch.

Kazimierz Parasiewicz Head of Product Consulting Team

A dedicated CoE department of Asseco Business Solutions trains and supports the customer CoE team to guarantee smooth knowledge transfer.

The self-enablement of the customer CoE can be applied to different degrees. It can do just basic business process configuration up to advanced configuration of Mobile Touch components including integration and reporting.

Key benefits for customers are improved agility in project planning, shorter lead times, greater ownership of projects, holding skills in-house and cost reduction.

Centre of Excellence

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