Sales solutions for retail execution in FMCG

Sales solutions for retail execution in FMCG

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 offers basic features across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution. It also promotes innovative SFA Game Changers enabling the users to sell more - these include RAO, Perfect Store, Motivation, Coaching and many others. Our mobile software can be configured to the clients’ needs as well as the requirements of the markets they operate in.

Next generation eco-system of retail execution
solutions for FMCG industry

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 is designed for enterprises which operate through extensive mobile sales force. Providing easy, secure and quick access to the information from any place and at any time, our retail execution software increases the efficiency of the everyday activities of every sales representative and allows the management real-time monitoring of their sales objectives. The platform offers FMCG producers rich basic functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution (SFA Fundamentals) as well as provides innovative sales support systems to help mobile personnel reach the next level (SFA Game Changers). Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

SFA Fundamentals

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals offers rich functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution. The solution contributes to achieving a significant competitive advantage and leads to increased sales. It also has a big impact on the day-to-day sales operations of the company's sales executives.

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Perfect Store

To win at the shelf your products not only have to be “physically” present at the right point of sale, but they must be properly displayed and accompanied by specific promotional activities. And this is where the mobile sales representative can demonstrate their impact and increase sales. Our Mobile Touch Perfect Store solution helps them select the stores with the greatest selling potential and provide them with a great offer and attractive merchandise.

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Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation helps you reach the right customers, at the right time and at reduced costs. But there is more to it. The solution prompts the user to take the most effective action in response to the current situation in a retail store.

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Mobile Touch Motivation helps you define goals for your sales force and track their achievements. But there is more to it! The solution makes it possible to plan employee objectives and link them to compelling incentives, such as bonuses or competitions, as well as use gamification tools in order to motivate employees to hit their targets.

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Mobile Touch Coaching solution supports an effective coaching programme for your sales force. It facilitates ongoing individual training of your sales representatives and helps increase their knowledge and skills.

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Smart Presentation

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation introduces a new compelling presentation layer into the Mobile Touch sales platform. It has been designed to help consumer goods companies to make better use of their sales opportunities. This new approach empowers FMCG sales forces to sell better and sell more at the Point of Sales.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our advanced analytical solution Mobile Touch Reporting & Analytics provides both managers and mobile sales reps with fast and multi-level access to the current data included on the sales platform. It allows the users to make well informed business decisions on a competitive and fast-growing market.

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Direct Store Delivery

Our Direct Store Delivery solution is designed to improve logistics processes in terms of delivery execution and route settlement. It enables your drivers to perform their direct sales activities in the field.

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Our Customers

Our mobile platforms have been used for almost 20 years by many FMCG leaders in multiple countries. They include both multinational and local organizations operating in diverse sectors such as food, beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, near food, non-food, pharmaceuticals and others.

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