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Mobile Touch Coaching solution supports an effective coaching programme for your sales force. It facilitates ongoing individual training of your Sales Reps and helps increase their knowledge and skills.

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Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 is designed for enterprises which operate through extensive mobile sales force. Providing easy, secure and quick access to the information from any place and at any time, our retail execution software increases the efficiency of the everyday activities of every sales representative and allows the management real-time monitoring of their sales objectives. The platform offers FMCG producers rich basic functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution (SFA Fundamentals) as well as provides innovative sales support systems to help mobile personnel reach the next level (SFA Game Changers). Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

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Mobile Touch Coaching – application which helps field managers evaluate their sales representatives' skills at all stages of a sales call

The coaching tool enables Coaches to identify strengths and weaknesses of the sales staff and propose an improvement plan. As a result, it shortens the time needed for the individuals to gain all the sales skills needed for the best possible performance.

Mobile Touch Coaching solution is designed for field managers who want to continuously develop the skills of their team. With Mobile Touch Coaching the coaches are able to evaluate, educate and inspire the sales staff to perform their daily activities more efficiently than ever before and help them achieve the best possible sales results. Mobile Touch Coaching can easily be configured in the Mobile Touch platform based on the clients’ needs and requirements.


Coaching - Mobile Touch

AssecoBS - Coaching - POI

AssecoBS - Coaching  - ask1 Coaching solution helps answer questions like:


  • Do my Sales Reps implement the corporate standards at the points of sale?
  • What is the relationship between my sales team and their clients?
  • Are my field sales representatives able to convince customers to introduce new products?
  • What is my sales staff’ level of expertise?
  • How quickly can sales representative gain higher levels of expertise?
  • What is my sales representative coaching progress?

Coaching planning & preparation

Mobile Touch Coaching makes it possible to plan coaching sessions and define specific objectives to analyse the professional competencies of your sales force.

Using data collected from the coaching sessions, Mobile Touch Coaching is capable of identifying the team members whose sales activities fall below expectations. This helps the managers react where necessary. Before the coaching session takes place, the manager can get an insight into the achievements of the sales representatives and review a summary of previous coaching sessions.


Coaching - Mobile Touch

Coaching sessions

During a coaching session, the manager is able to evaluate the sales representative’s performance at each step of a retail call, using an individual questionnaire which includes all the significant KPIs for the assessed area.

Working with Mobile Touch Coaching on mobile devices, the manager can document their evaluation, take notes and complete the questionnaire in real time. The system’s calendar can also remind him about upcoming coaching events which ensures the continuity of a long-term coaching process.

Mobile Touch Coaching not only records all the activities conducted by the coach, but also keeps record of sales reps’ KPIs to help managers assess each employee’s skills, identify issues and observe trends in all recorded metrics in order to deliver a high quality coaching process.


Coaching - Mobile Touch

After the coaching

After a the coaching session, the results can be shared with the employee via email.

The field manager can then discuss the content of tutorials with the sales reps and communicate coaching notes.


Coaching - Mobile Touch

The solution will enable you to:

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_1

Supports of an effective coaching programme for your sales staff.

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_2

Help in identification of your sales representative’s’ strengths and weaknesses.

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_3

Facilitatation of the ongoing coaching of your Sales Reps to increase their knowledge and skills.

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_4

Effective monitoring of your coaches’ work.

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_5

Demonstration of the individual level of expertise of your sales representatives as well their sales competencies.

AssecoBS - Coaching - Advantages_6

Review against monthly or quarterly targets, e.g. quantity of coaching calls performed in the current period.

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Andreas Enders

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