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Direct Store Delivery

Mobile Touch Direct Store Delivery (DSD) supports FMCG manufacturers in managing the sales and distribution processes carried out without the involvement of any trade partners within the distribution channel. The solution enables your drivers to perform their direct sales activities in the field. It allows them to review the product quantities to be delivered to each customer, record products delivered or returned, as well as register payments collected. It supports mobile employees at all stages of the process including check-out, delivery execution and check-in.

Next generation eco-system of retail execution
solutions for FMCG industry

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 is designed for enterprises which operate through extensive mobile sales force. Providing easy, secure and quick access to the information from any place and at any time, our retail execution software increases the efficiency of the everyday activities of every sales representative and allows the management real-time monitoring of their sales objectives. The platform offers FMCG producers rich basic functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution (SFA Fundamentals) as well as provides innovative sales support systems to help mobile personnel reach the next level (SFA Game Changers). Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

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Direct Store Delivery (DSD) – a solution ready to support your drivers.

Mobile Touch DSD is a mobile solution designed to improve delivery execution and route settlement.

Mobile Touch DSD supports activities such as route planning, customer data analysis, communications between the HQ and the drivers, as well as completion of planned visits. The solution is multilingual and has been designed for global deployments. It also includes a rich and customizable reporting functionality, providing reports on deliveries, current stock, packaging, etc. Every document and report can be printed by the driver whilst on their route, using fully customizable printout forms.


AssecoBS - DSD - Direct Store Delivery

AssecoBS - DSD - ask Direct Store Delivery solution helps to answer questions like:


  • What items are available on my loading list?
  • Are all items in stock in line with my loading list?
  • Which points of delivery should I visit today?
  • Which items should be delivered to given clients?
  • What quantity of goods and related empties have been given out to customer?
  • Which goods have been collected from the customer as a result of return order?
  • What amounts have been collected in relation to unpaid invoices?
  • Is my stock at the end of the day in line with factors such as the loading list, executed deliveries and collected returns?
  • What is the total amount collected on the day?

 Before the route

Mobile Touch DSD supports such activities as visit preparation, truck loading, stock differences control, or visit list review.

AssecoBS - DSD - Before_the_route


Visit preparation

This function facilitates planning of the tasks to be completed during individual client visits.

Truck loading

Mobile Touch DSD assists the driver in the process of picking a specific volume of merchandise for the upcoming route.


Stock differences control

The driver can verify whether the electronic documents downloaded on his mobile device for the route correspond to products which have physically been loaded on his truck. The process is simplified by barcode scanning.

Visit list review

Mobile Touch DSD provides drivers with a planned sequence of visits for their route as well as deliveries planned for each customer. The driver can reschedule the visits if needed.

 Visit execution

The solution supports the drivers in the visit execution process. It enables them to manage the delivery and delivery corrections, invoicing, cash collection, packaging settlement, amounts due settlement, surveys execution and complaint handling.

AssecoBS - DSD - Visit_execution



Management of the process of goods delivery during the driver’s visit at a customer’s location. During the delivery, the driver can alter the quantity of goods, so that the actual amount delivered to a customer is lower than the one originally planned. For each reduction the driver can choose a reason to justify the change from the freely configurable list of reasons (i.e. broken in transit, customer decision). It is also possible to completely reject the whole delivery with optional rescheduling.


Mobile Touch DSD can issue various documents depending on the delivery details. Usually the delivery generates either a delivery note or an invoice, but the solution can also generate credit notes and fiscal receipts. All the documents are printed on-site so that the customer instantly receives all the delivery settlement documents.


Cash collection

The solution can enforce instant payment collection for each invoice issued during the visit or the payment can be postponed until the visit is completed. Mobile Touch DSD can collect the total balance of all payments due for a particular visit including multiple invoices for the customer.

Amounts due settlement

During the customer visit, the driver can collect both overdue payments and payments due for current deliveries. Mobile Touch DSD configuration can enforce overdue payment collection prior to the delivery execution.


Surveys execution

One of the extended functionalities offered by Mobile Touch DSD is the possibility to create questionnaires which are executed by the driver during the tour. Point of sale questionnaire execution can be set at the start or the end of the visit or route. When completing the questionnaire, the driver is presented with multiple choice questions, which they need to answer in relation to their deliveries.

Complaint handling

Mobile Touch DSD handles return orders requested by the customers. The Customer Service Department processes customers’ complaints and issues documents in form of return orders which are scheduled for the next upcoming visit. The driver is not allowed to pick up items that not on the return orders, which means that all complaints must be accepted and requested by the Customer Service Department.


Perfect Store

The Mobile Touch Perfect Store solution can help you engage your drivers using Mobile Touch DSD system into merchandising at the point of sales. When applying your picture of success your mobile staff is able to monitor inventory and take care of an attractive display of your offering at the POS to help consumers to make a purchase and choose your product instead of the product of your competition.


AssecoBS - DSD - Perfect Store

 Closing the delivery

Mobile Touch DSD enables to close the tour and supports the drivers in such processes as unloading, truck stock counting, stock differences control, collected cash settlement as well as sealed bag collection.

 DSD - Closing the delivery - Mobile Touch



Mobile Touch DSD supports the drivers in the process of unloading after the completion of their route. The solution facilitates the processing of tasks and objectives completed by the users at the unloading point.

Truck stock counting

At the end of the tour the driver is accounted for both quantities of undelivered goods and packages collected from the customers. This process can be carried out by a separate dedicated employee at the warehouse (checker). Mobile Touch DSD can also be configured to keep amounts expected for return invisible.


Stock differences control

In case of any stock discrepancy, Mobile Touch DSD generates a list of items for which the actual quantity entered by the checker is different from the quantity calculated by the solution. The system allows the checker to either correct the mistake or ask the driver for explanation.

Collected cash settlement

At the end of the route the driver is provided information on the total sum of money collected and the solution can also instruct the driver to enter all the denominations in case of a sealed bag collection.

The solution will enable you to:

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_1

Increase the efficiency of the sales delivery process and managing your mobile drivers.     

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_2

Create an immediate information exchange between your company, your drivers and their delivery points.

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_3

Improve the efficiency and shorten the delivery process time.

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_4

Execute direct sales in real-time (order – sale – delivery).

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_5

Improve the quality of customer service.

AssecoBS - DSD - Advantages_5

Minimize follow up actions.

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