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Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation helps consumer goods manufacturers to reach out to the right customers, at the right time and at a reduced cost. But that’s not all, the RAO solution indicates to the sales representatives what specific actions should be taken on site to achieve the best outcome. In a nutshell Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation helps make an impact in-store.

Next generation eco-system of retail execution
solutions for the FMCG industry

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 is designed for enterprises which operate through extensive mobile sales force. Providing easy, secure and quick access to the information from any place and at any time, our retail execution software increases the efficiency of the everyday activities of every sales representative and allows the management real-time monitoring of their sales objectives. The platform offers FMCG producers rich basic functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution (SFA Fundamentals) as well as provides innovative sales support systems to help mobile personnel reach the next level (SFA Game Changers). Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

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Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation - untap your sales opportunities to sell better and sell more!

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation is an intelligent command centre for your sales representatives. It allows them to better identify sales opportunities and use smarter sales tactics. The solution includes a set of technologies that dynamically indicate the stores that need a visit, prioritize the opportunity relative to others, task the right field sales person with making the right visit, and provide the optimal routing to turn the list of visits into the right order, in the context of geographical location. Last but not least, it articulates what needs to be done in the store and suggests appropriate to-dos to be executed at the POS.


AssecoBS - RAO - ask Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) solution helps to answer questions like:


  • Which stores have the greatest sales potential?
  • Which stores yield lower sales than planned?
  • Which stores (or customers) should be visited and why?
  • What action should I take while visiting specific stores?
  • Which product categories should I promote/support in particular, while on a visit in the store?
  • How to boost the share of shelf in selected product categories?

RAO, a trusted source of information for your sales force

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation is capable of analysing different kinds of sales data generated with the Mobile Touch sales platform, as well as data retrieved from external sources, e.g. Demand Signal Management tools, Syndicated Data providers like Nielsen or ERP systems.

Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) - Mobile Touch - FMCG

The right customer visits based on activity impact

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation helps you to determine which customers should be visited and how those calls should be included dynamically into your sales representatives’ upcoming route.

The solution suggests to your sales force to visit the customers who need immediate actions, especially those who are at risk of failing or those who have a potential to grow. In other words, the Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation leads your mobile staff to the stores where you have the best chance of winning right now. It enables the selection of the most promising retail outlets due to a priority trigger. This can include a wide range of alerts like drop in sales, anticipated out-of-stock, loss of share in category, active consumer promotion, unsatisfactory Perfect Store results, etc.

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation adds relevant customer visits into your sales representatives’ route planning dynamically, when seeing additional opportunities. The solution adds the stores which need to be called to on a specific day to the standard route. Thus, it reshapes the activity focus to those customers who require a quick intervention.

Suggesting sales strategies at the stores

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation suggests to your sales force the most effective actions in response to the current priorities in retail execution while executing a store visit.

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation suggests what specific actions the sales representatives need to take in each visited retail outlet, to achieve the highest income. The solution recommends specific steps to be taken while at the point of sale.


Cost optimisation

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation helps you to plan the most optimal route to get to your customers. It arranges the list of stores to be visited in a sequence which helps in reducing the cost of travel. This means lower fuel costs and other related travel expense savings.

The algorithms available in Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation enable your sales force to visit their customers in the most efficient way. The solution selects the stores to be visited based on their GPS coordinates.




Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) - Mobile Touch - POI

The solution will enable you to:

AssecoBS - RAO_Advantages_1

Find out which customers should be visited and what activities should be undertaken to get ahead of the competition in those specific locations.

AssecoBS - RAO_Advantages_2

Allow your Sales Reps not only to take action that fits with their daily routines, but also to help them think ahead of how to seize the opportunities to leverage the business within your organization.

AssecoBS - RAO_Advantages_3

Reach the stores with the greatest selling potential with a great offer and attractive merchandise.

AssecoBS - RAO_Advantages_4

Reduce the travel expenses of your Sales Reps as well as increase the efficiency of your sales forces.

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