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SFA Fundamentals

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals offers rich functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution. The solution contributes to achieving a significant competitive advantage and leads to increased sales. It also has a big impact on the day-to-day sales operations of the company's sales executives.

Next generation eco-system of retail execution
solutions for FMCG industry

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 is designed for enterprises which operate through extensive mobile sales force. Providing easy, secure and quick access to the information from any place and at any time, our retail execution software increases the efficiency of the everyday activities of every sales representative and allows the management real-time monitoring of their sales objectives. The platform offers FMCG producers rich basic functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution (SFA Fundamentals) as well as provides innovative sales support systems to help mobile personnel reach the next level (SFA Game Changers). Everything in one package and efficient as never before!

SFA Fundamentals system - designed to expedite sales activities in the field

Our SFA Fundalementals tools boost the efficiency of your sales representatives in their daily processes, offering real-time monitoring.

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals allows your sales force to fully focus on their objectives, as well as assists them in communicating, planning or presenting. The SFA software provides a source of information for the sales reps. It is capable not only of recording data but also suggesting and prompting the users to take the most appropriate actions.


Sales Force Automation software (SFA) - Mobile Touch

AssecoBS - SFA - ask Our SFA Fundamentals solution helps to answer questions like:


  • Which stores should I visit and when?
  • What tasks should I complete in specific stores: order, merchandising, shelf data capturing, etc.?
  • What products/promotions should I offer in specific stores?
  • Which of the distributors should I forward my collected order to?
  • What is the level of ordered products at the the distributor’s warehouse?
  • What is the relationship history with the shop?
  • What is my product presence like in the store?
  • What is my second placement presence like in the store?
  • What POSM should I distribute to a specific store?
  • What are my sales targets?

Sales Management

A set of sales force automation tools to help mobile staff plan all the activities they need to chase and close sales.


Activity planning

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals responds to any opportunity or threat by offering a relevant activity that can be executed at any given moment in time.

This flexible feature enables the execution of:

  • short-term and long-term activities,
  • activity priority levels – including colour coded activity markings
  • broad range of activities: call, phone, email, or task; this list could be extended further to include elements such as meetings or a conference – all available through ad-hoc system configuration.

Sales Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Lead distribution and prospect management

Whether the leads are integrated with external solutions, or registered within Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals, our sales force automation software allows you to manage leads according to their priorities, segment qualification or status by assigning them to the group of regular customers.


Lead distribution - Sales Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Account management and segmentation

A set of features to help structure the accounts is available to both the customers managed by external systems as well as those fully managed in Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals.

Customers are grouped within folders – each folder for a distinctive customer category. This feature can be configured on an ad-hoc basis.

When working on a customer profile, Sales Developers use the customer dashboard with the most relevant customer information. This feature provides history of the relationship, planned activities or documents and multimedia files attached to that customer profile.

Account management - Sales Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Contact management

Contact database is linked to the account database. However when developing our Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals software we decided out that contact management should be fully independent from account management. This way, the complex relations between contacts and accounts can be easily managed by sales developers.

Just a touch of the screen allows you to move from a customer profile to a contact profile. The activity planning feature, relationship history, attached documents and multimedia are linked to contacts, in the same way they are in the account management functionality.


Contact management - Sales Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch

Retail execution

The SFA software ready to support the execution of in-store activities which directly or indirectly influence the achievement of sales targets.



Sales documents

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals allows you to configure multiple types of sales documents processed between business partners. Purchase orders, return orders, or invoices are the most common, but our SFA system is capable of including many more.

Each document type has a different format, issuing conditions, and processing methods. They can be automatically transferred between systems in order to reduce the workload and costs of processing paper based documents.

The items listed in these documents correspond to items available in the entire, constantly changing sales offer. All items can be linked within related entries – e.g. a single material can be linked to substitute materials, corresponding fixed assets, or benchmark shelf layout. The creation of sales documents is therefore easier.

Sales documents - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Smart Presentation

Thanks to Mobile Touch Smart Presentation your sales representatives can present your product catalogue more comprehensively and visualize your selling stories more compellingly in front of the customer. Therefore, your mobile staff can maintain more consultative relationships with their clients and as a consequence sell more.

With Mobile Touch Smart Presentation, you can show your product offers in a more compelling way to retailers and tell an “interesting story” about your offers, showing e.g. product added value, ingredients, production processes, comparison with the competition, serving suggestions, marketing movies, advertisements, etc.

Our SFA solution enables your sales force to easily navigate into the assortment/listing related to that customer and take the order right away from this presentation layer.  Mobile Touch will consider all the conditions, discounts, promotional actions, etc. for the given customer.



In-store monitoring

Our central Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals software can leverage the possibilities offered by creation of questionnaires.

They can be created at any time, and can appear instantly on mobile devices after synchronization. It allows the decision makers to obtain information on product distribution, display standards, shelf share or competitor activity.


In-store monitoring - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Promotional offer planning and compliance monitoring

Our retail execution software allows you to plan promotional offers, and provides your sales developers with all the tools you need to present them, take orders and leverage sales results.

When it comes to consumer promotional offering, apart from detailed planning, our sales force automation also allows you to perform compliance checks – in other words, to collect the information that is crucial for proper assessment of promotional activities results.


Promotional offer  - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Sales and consumer promotional activity planning in one chart

In addition to the standard mechanism of assigning specific promotional campaigns to selected customers, sales staff or retailers at the level of the visit and sales module, Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals enables to present a promotional activity plan as Gantt charts.

The module is very transparent in displaying a promotion plan for the coming period, including such actions as discounts, product bonuses, promotional events, newsletters, etc. on the chart. So the user can see immediately what promotional actions are ahead and when, what products will be reduced and what the target customer category is.

Sales - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Management of fixed assets

Significant resources are invested in the manufacturing and installation of fixed assets, so it's absolutely necessary to control the circulation of these assets.

From allocation of assets per sales representative, through installation tracking to the monitoring of effective store setup, with Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals you can make sure the resources invested in fixed assets are not wasted.

Management - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Returns management

This feature of our Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals system will help you track goods withdrawn from the store and control the compensation method.

This process begins with a credit note issued for items returned from the store or for items that are sold to consumers with a significant discount. Each credit note can contain the same item with different reasons and values. Credit note compensation can be managed in two ways – either through cash settlement, or through goods (in kind). In both cases the system prompts the sales developer when the compensation value exceeds the value of liabilities.


Returns management - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Cost control and budgeting

This feature of our retail execution software is crucial to prevent excessive costs incurred by your sales force.

Our system will help you to define cost groups corresponding to sales activities performed by your sales force. Within each group, you will be able to allocate periodical budgets for individual sales developers. Your employees will be able to control their budgets and incur only the most reasonable costs.


Cost control - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch



Sales Developer Inventory

If you need to make sure that freebies, samples, or POS material find their way to the customers where they are needed most, this feature of Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals is essential for your sales force.

With Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals you can define inventories assigned to individual sales developers for each group of material (gifts, freebies, and POS material). Within each inventory you may allocate quantities for individual items.

The second part of this process is to define workflow between inventories and retail activities. As a result, freebies may for instance be used to settle returns or samples can be assigned to a certain consumer offer. Multiple options can be modelled to support your business needs.

Sales Developer Inventory  Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch




A great advantage of our retail execution software is multimedia support. Users in your head Office can attach any images, videos or slideshow presentations to your sales offer.

Audio-visual materials provide significant added value for sales activities, especially when they are in line with a broader marketing campaign launched in the media.


Multimedia - Retail execution - SFA - Mobile Touch

Sales Performance and Sales Effectiveness Management

A set of tools used to define goals, measure achievements, motivate and support sales force in their efforts.



Setting proper objectives for sales developers is a significant factor contributing to success in sales. Our sales force automation software Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals allows you to set up periodical sales plans as well as objectives for other sales-related activities e.g. numbers of completed questionnaires.

The objective achievements are recalculated on a daily basis. Sales developers can check at any time how they are doing in relation to their targets.




Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch




These measures give sales developers visibility on core aspects of their periodical achievements.


KPIs - Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Audit call

Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals provides field managers with an option to review the details of individual calls and record any discrepancies between the results recorded by a sales developer and the in-store situation observed during an audit call.

A field manager can amend individual answers provided by their sales developers, which allows them to verify the quality of the retail execution process within their own organization and get a more accurate picture of the situation on site.


Audit call - Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Knowledge management

Thanks to great multimedia storage options, Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals is a SFA system that supports an efficient transfer of knowledge within your sales force.

With our sales force automation software you can be sure that your salesforce will always have access to the information they need to close a deal, improve their skills or establish a relationship with a customer. Multimedia support includes anything from marketing materials used to enhance the sales offer, through documents assigned to customers to coaching materials prepared by regional managers.


Knowledge management - Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch



Territory management

Territory management helps you build the organizational structure of your sales force and allocate resources to particular sales channels.

The territory function can be used in the BI reporting component of Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals to analyse the effectiveness of sales activities per territory.


Territory management - Sales Performance - Sales Effectiveness Management -  SFA - Mobile Touch

The solution will enable you to:

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_1

Plan and execute sales on modern mobile devices, enabling your sales reps to have easy, secure and quick access to sales information anywhere and  anytime.

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_2

Use a set of tools to define goals and KPIs, measure achievements, coach, motivate, and support your field forces in their efforts for the best possible results.

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_3

Support your mobile employees in the execution of in-store activities which directly or indirectly influence the achievement of sales targets.

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_4

Reach new markets by handling more customers at the same time and by the same number of available resources.

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_5

Help your field forces plan all the activities needed to follow up and close sales opportunities as efficiently as never before.

AssecoBS - SFA - Advantages_6

Gain market share and maximize awareness at the point of purchase.

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