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Customer Advisory Board

Mobile Touch Customer Advisory Board is an initiative for our key clients. We invite them to advise us on strategic product direction as well as to participate in the decision making process. We aim to create the best solution for our users, based on their needs and requirements.

Andreas Enders

We believe that what sets us apart from other vendors is a coherent and mature offering, responsiveness to the needs of multinational corporations, operating both locally and globally, and a profound knowledge of many different markets. They are a result of many years of experience working with the global FMCG leaders.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales & Implementations


Mobile Touch Customer Advisory Board is a mean of giving our key customers access to product strategy decision process and direct access to product management.

We truly understand that the leading FMCG producers are facing new challenges all the time. So we listen to them and take into consideration their changing needs to be able to continue to offer them proper tools to maintain competitive advantage. We are convinced that when designing new IT solutions we need to look for fresh ideas from the most experienced users, the clients themselves.






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Mobile Touch Customer Advisory Board (MT CAB) is an initiative for our key clients and the market leaders who set the trends and generate new ideas. All the MT CAB members are able to advise our product management on perceived industry trends, strategic customer initiatives as well as desired strategic product direction.

Our CAB members are invited to participate in our product roadmap and strategic customer initiatives which are organized twice a year. All inputs gathered from our key clients are used in decision making process during formal roadmap review sessions.





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