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3 rules to ensure to benefit from Perfect Store in FMCG

3 rules to ensure to benefit from Perfect Store in FMCG

No matter if you call it Perfect Store, Picture of Success, Vision Store or something similar! Those are just examples of the buzzword which describes one of the most promising FMCG industry topics. More and more FMCG companies have recently or are just up to embark on a Perfect Store initiative, because it has proven to drive dramatic tangible benefits in regard of the KPI #1: Sales.

Benefits from Perfect Store

We realize typically sales increases after a Perfect Store deployment from 5 to 20 %. Believe it or not: this is even true in mature, not only in emerging markets. In exceptional cases it has delivered even more than 50% sale increase! Perfect Store is certainly a ground breaking tool which enables FMCG sales force to reach the next level.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

What rules do you need to take into account to make Perfect Store a success for your organisation as well?

1. Choose appropriate Perfect Store methodology

Sales results in a particular retail stores are largely dependent on the level of execution of specific standards for pre-defined store categories. They should include a wide range of variables reflecting your product display standards. You will have to leverage your insights from shopper and market research. Put shopper marketing into action.

2. Implement Perfect Store driven change efficiently

When your Perfect Store methodology is implemented, you only need to find a way to continuously and efficiently monitor all the actions taken at the points of sales by your sales representatives. Implement a mobile sales solution which helps your mobile staff to follow the Perfect Store progress in the stores.

Benefits from perfect store - 3 rules to ensure it

3. Change your go to market behaviour and grow your sales

Embark on a journey. Perfect Store is not a one off. It is a continuous improvement process. Let your sales force evaluate how the actual stores compare to the defined Perfect Store standards every day. Provide your mobile staff with store level KPIs calculated in real-time on the flight. Let them fit for better retail conditions while still on site in the store. Make Perfect Store improvements a key driver of the sales representatives’ compensation. Show this as well while being still on site. Consumers will love you and your managers as well!

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