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4 key tips to improve your retail execution at the seasonal shelf

4 key tips to improve your retail execution at the seasonal shelf

A very busy summer season is almost upon us. For this reason, the consumer goods manufacturers are just about to re-shape their current strategies and search for the ability to drive sales. One possibility is to leverage new ways to empower their field sales force to be more effective. What can you do? Add a couple of new solutions to your mobile retail execution strategy: make your sales representatives more engaged, smarter in planning and executing, as well better informed about the benefits they will gain when selling better and selling more.

Every year consumer goods manufacturers ask themselves the same question: how to win at the more difficult summer shelf? To do so they must overcome several challenges. Depending on the category, it might be a necessity to serve many more customers on a more frequent basis. For other categories it is a must to introduce promotional offers allowing them to maintain sales at an appropriate level.

Summer shelf

Meet 4 key tips to improve your retail execution at the seasonal shelf:

1. Introduce intelligent targeting and provide clear information on compensation

Assign clear sales targets for your sales representatives and make them aware of their daily targets at the beginning of the day. Break targets down into tangible sub-targets and make them visible in real-time on your sales force’s mobile devices. Show them how target accomplishments grow, call by call. Last but not least, provide your sales representatives with information about the compensation or bonus points earned during the calls. It will help you in motivating your sales representatives hitting their targets day by day.

2. Make your sales force feel excited with gamification

To increase engagement, organize a summer competition for your sales representatives within your mobile retail execution software. Make them constantly aware of their results as well as share leader boards on their mobile devices in an attractive, fancy and interesting way. It will encourage them to achieve their summer season goals much better.

3. Better identify sales opportunities based on the RAO engine

Enable your sales force to select the stores with the biggest sales potential in the summer season. All based on summer season priority triggers like potential in the category, anticipated out-of-stock, consumer promotion, etc.

4. Introduce smart presenting in front of retailers

Make your sales representatives smarter whilst presenting the seasonal offers and promotions. Let them do it in a much more compelling way. Help your sales force to visualize your products and selling stories. This will empower them to tell an interesting, insightful summer season story based at store level.

We help many global consumer goods companies to ‘jump out of the box’ with their retail execution technology to execute better at the POS. We offer them a set of innovative solutions helping them to leverage the opportunities of the summer season more effectively.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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