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4 tips for effective motivation of your field sales force

4 tips for effective motivation of your field sales force

Consumer goods companies need to use motivation programs and tools to make their sales staff feel excited about working and selling their products efficiently.

 1. Assign targets

A first step to motivate your sales representatives is to determine appropriate objectives.  Assign reasonable targets to the mobile employees. Measure the target accomplishment. Helpful are targets which can show partial-accomplishment. Such a setting helps to increase the commitment and the awareness of the target completion status. 

2. Make targets and accomplishments visible

Provide your sales representatives with a clearly visible targets for a given period. Enable them to get instant updates on their target accomplishment status. The awareness of the points earned per visit, daily or monthly helps you to keep your sales force constantly engaged in their work.

3. Make compensation schemes visible

Start running multiple compensation schemes for your sales representatives to make them follow all relevant KPIs. Indicate when they will achieve the next level within a compensation scheme. Make them aware on a daily basis! Differentiate the calculation schemes for distinctive groups of users and account them for both individual and team results in the bonus schemes.

4. Let field sales have some fun

Finally think about gamification. Aim to make your sales force compete with each other on individual or team level. Share leaderboards to make your sales representatives excited, stimulate cooperation and teamwork!

The final sales results of an FMCG manufacturer are highly dependent on the sales representatives’ skills, competences and creativity. However engagement, enthusiasm and commitment will influence the sales force’s work results to a large extent as well. All this is possible when deploying Mobile Touch Motivation. Untap this additional value pattern!

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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