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A mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions at Kotanyi Polonia

A mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions at Kotanyi Polonia

Kotanyi Polonia, one of the leading suppliers of seasoning and spices in Poland, decided to entrust Asseco Business Solutions SA with the implementation of its latest SFA application (Sales Force Automation). The implementation started in late March and involved 36 mobile sales representatives and 5 other staff at the company's headquarters and is expected to expedite sales activities in the field.

The Mobile Preselling solution implemented for Kotanyi Polonia manages the flow of data between the main office and the team of sales representatives. The module installed at the company HQ helps the managers keep an eye on the data gathered by the mobile workforce on their mobile system. Armed with the correct data, the managers are able to better define tasks and objectives for each of their sales representatives in the field. The system running on Pocket PCs supports the mobile sales staff who collect orders and market information and forward it to the central server via a bidirectional data flow (replication).


With Mobile Preselling, data transmission from the field to the central database happens in a split second. The managers can also take advantage of various surveys and monitoring tools, receiving answers for specific market enquiries. They can monitor the sales staff's efficiency and better control their daily work. The system offers the sales representatives access to current and past data on specific customers and information on the progress of their individual sales plans. They can also generate and transmit orders electronically and benefit from a number of analytical tools included in the solution.

We decided to opt for a mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions because this comprehensive tool fully fits the needs of our mobile sales management. The application is practical and convenient. It also offers an advanced and comprehensive reporting capacity which we really appreciate.

Ewa Makula Sales Force Specialist, Kotanyi Polonia


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