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A well-known confectionery maker to invest in mobile technology from Asseco Business Solutions: implementation at ZPC VOBRO

A well-known confectionery maker to invest in mobile technology from Asseco Business Solutions: implementation at ZPC VOBRO

Confectionery manufacturer VOBRO, a supplier of over 100 types of chocolate products and several dozen types of biscuits, is implementing a mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions to support its mobile sales operations. The SFA application is expected to improve the daily work of sales representatives and allow VOBRO managers to keep a tighter control of the mobile workforce.

The main objective of VOBRO's mobile staff is to close deals with stores and promote the company's offering during their visits. With over 100 items on offer, VOBRO's management realised the need to streamline the process, improve its efficiency and take it to the next level. The company decided to implement a set of IT tools to enable remote access to commercial data from anywhere and at any time through mobile devices.

Mobile Preselling offers the VOBRO's mobile sales staff instant access to current and past data on specific customers and on the level of execution of individual sales plans. The programme also fully automates the reception and completion of orders and expedites promotional activities by including the management or customer's displays feature. Mobile Preselling also offers the managers access to up-to-the-minute information on price levels, the effects of promotional campaigns, competitors' offers and the selling potential of individual outlets. In addition, they can now manage their workforce in a more convenient way, as well as analysing their performance and scheduling objectives faster and more accurately.

ZPC VOBRO has been Asseco BS's partner since 2010. The company is using one ERP system for the overall business management and a WMS application to handle their warehouse.

The mobile solutions from Asseco Business Solutions lead the Polish SFA market and have been successfully supporting Polish and multinational enterprises for over 12 years. They boast over 20 thousand active users in 17 countries in Western and Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the mobile application from Asseco Business Solutions, we have access to the latest sales data by product groups, which is crucial for planning and processing orders. Shorter document flow time, faster decision-making and a more precise analysis and planning of tasks in the field – all these have a significant impact on the improved performance of our sales representatives, and thus, the level of customer service.

Maciej Druciński Executive Director, ZPC VOBRO


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