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Achieving Perfect Store goals through Retail Activity Optimisation and Smart Presentation

Achieving Perfect Store goals through Retail Activity Optimisation and Smart Presentation

Perfect Store helps FMCG manufacturers to make their offer more visible and attractive at retail outlets. In consequence, it influences purchasing decisions of shoppers made at the Point of Sales on the fly at the store shelves. When following Perfect Store standards consumer goods companies can increase sales at least from 5-20% on short notice. However, you can achieve even more when you combine Perfect Store with new compelling technologies, like Retail Activity Optimisation and Smart Presentation.

Perfect Store is one of the hottest topics in the FMCG industry, because it drives sales on short notice significantly. To help unlock this value faster and more reliable new compelling technologies are arising. Those are Retail Activity Optimisation and Smart Presentation. Hence, it is a winning combination driving ROI for the manufacturer and retailer while exceeding shopper needs.

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How can the new technologies help you to empower Perfect Store?

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) includes a set of technologies that identify the stores that need a visit, prioritize the opportunity relative to others, task the right field sales person with making the right visit, articulate what needs to be done in that store and provide the optimal routing to turn the list of visits into the right order.
  2. Smart Presentation is a complementary new way of presenting Perfect Store in front of the customer. It makes it easy to present the selling story, based on customer data injections, creating a business case for the customer and motivate him to buy into the Perfect Store proposition easier.

We provide FMCG manufacturers with a whole ecosystem of sales solutions. Those consist of fundamental SFA functionalities as well as innovative SFA 2.0 solutions, such as Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation. When they work together, they can really help sales force to win the battles on the store level. We are very happy we had the opportunity to present our innovative way of thinking during the European Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) Summit "Collaborate Globally and Execute Locally" which was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 10th & 11th, 2017. Our presentation gathered many FMCG sales decision-makers representing leading global manufacturers who seek for the most innovative retail execution technology.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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