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Add Auditing to your Sales Force Automation solution

Add Auditing to your Sales Force Automation solution

Consumer goods sales managers have plenty of opportunities to make their mobile sales teams more effective. Sales Force Automation technology supports them very efficiently in this matter in making their sales representatives for example to better select customers, constantly monitor the quality of in-stores conditions, act according to the current situation at the POS, present your offer in a more compelling way. So far so good, but you also need to make sure that your mobile staff plans and fulfils their duties according to your sales strategy.

Sales force management is not only about supporting and indicating the direction to your field team. The ability to control your sales representatives’ work can be highly relevant as well. The latter will help you to make sure that your sales teams really meet your expectations and do their best when planning visits or meeting with clients. Therefore, leverage your Sales Force Automation solution in the auditing process as well and gain information on how your mobile staff performs their duties.

How to make use of auditing capabilities in your Sales Force Automation solution? The three major areas are:

  1. Verify your subordinates’ visit and action plan – review what sales calls have been scheduled by your sales representatives, in what order and time period. Check as well the list and order of the actions to be taken at the PoS. The verification can also refer both to past and future activities.
  2. Carry out real-time auditing of your mobile staff’s work. Verify if the visit is being executed properly and the most relevant actions are included by visiting the customer just after your sales representative has left the venue.
  3. Follow your subordinates’ daily activities with GPS tracking. Make sure your sales representatives are executing their sales calls indeed on site at the POS at the proper time.

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