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Asseco BS in chocolate heaven: deployment of a custom-made storage solution for Lotte Wedel

Asseco BS in chocolate heaven: deployment of a custom-made storage solution for Lotte Wedel

Asseco Business Solutions SA was commissioned by the confectionery maker Lotte Wedel to implement an innovative solution to manage the storage facilities for advertising and promotional materials.

The system was conceived by Wedel's specialists who wanted to streamline several important internal processes which have not yet been automated. Asseco BS created a new solution, factoring in the Client's requirements and the specific character of the industry.

The new system from Asseco BS is a mobile solution supporting the management of advertising and promotional materials at Lotte Wedel. It allows Wedel staff to classify and assign the materials to specific activities. It applies sophisticated algorithms to support the ordering process, automatically allocating a quantity of materials to an individual sales representative, based on pre-defined criteria). It allows multi-stage verification with the option of correcting orders, it tests orders for accuracy or manages the rotation of materials among the mobile sales staff. The system has also been integrated with the software of an external organisation which manages the storage of Wedel’s materials and with an in-house ERP solution.

Because the solution is relies on data exchange with an external provider of storage management services, we have been able to resolve key issues related to the use of our resources. The implementation has also resulted in the improvement and acceleration of the process of managing these materials as well as streamlining the planning and logistics. Now the system supervises the process of both the ordering and the issuing of materials. We can also analyse the effects of a given activity, which allows us to grow our business.

Dariusz Barylak head of the Business Information Department, Lotte Wedel

Lotte Wedel has been partnering with Asseco Business Solutions since 2002 as a user of the SFA system Mobile Preselling. The solution was originally intended to support the operations of the mobile workforce, but shortly afterwards began to cover more and more internal business areas, becoming a key working tool for both the sales representatives and non sales staff.


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