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Asseco Business Solutions helps supply Wedel products for EURO 2012 European Football Championship

Asseco Business Solutions helps supply Wedel products for EURO 2012 European Football Championship

Wedel, a legendary Polish confectionery maker, was nominated as National Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012. The company prepared a European Football Championship themed series of new products to add to the game-watching experience. In order for all the sweets to get to the shops and distributors' warehouses on time, Wedel enlisted the help from Asseco Business Solutions to manage the sales and logistics processes.

Wedel - National Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012 faces a major challenge in ensuring full availability of its new fan products in warehouses and stores across Poland in June and July. This is a special period for two reasons - because of the increased interest in football-related products and because June marks the beginning of the most challenging period for chocolate suppliers as they need to optimise their stock due to high summer temperatures. Temperature affects both storage and transport of chocolate products which require protection against melting.  

Over this challenging period, Wedel will be supported by Asseco Business Solutions, whose solutions have been used at LOTTE Wedel since 2002. The purpose of this step was to ensure the availability of the high-quality “champion range” of products on the market. This can be achieved thanks to the range of solutions from Asseco Business Solutions handling the key business processes at LOTTE Wedel.

Operated on mobile devices, Mobile Preselling assists the sales representatives of LOTTE Wedel in managing large volumes of orders directly at customers, planning promotional offers, monitoring product shelf presence, and ensuring appropriate display standards at the points of sale. This translates into an increase to the productivity of sales activities in the field.

Managers at the company's HQ are able to control the stock of new products held by LOTTE Wedel's distributors by using the commercial data exchange platform Connector. It automates order processing, provides data on distributors' inventory and resale, as well as optimising inventory levels.

The management of LOTTE Wedel also have access to Knowledge, a BI application by Asseco BS. It helps analyse all the data collected in Mobile Preselling, Connector and ERP SAP. Managers can now make quick and correct decisions on sales plans, logistics and promotional activities for the “champion products” from Wedel. Promotional campaigns are additionally coordinated by the recently deployed, another innovative mobile solution from Asseco Business Solutions helping with the management of the promotional and advertising materials storage.

As a National Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012, we need to ensure the full availability of our “champion range” products to football fans across the country. Not everyone has the opportunity to watch the game live or go to one of the fan zones. Therefore, our aim is to help organise home fan zones which can also offer that unique and emotional atmosphere of the live game. Thanks to our partnership with Asseco Business Solutions and the increasing range of their solutions, we are positive about the ultimate outcome and well prepared for the Championships," says Maciej Herman, Sales Manager with LOTTE Wedel.

Maciej Herman Sales Manager, Lotte Wedel


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