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Asseco Business Solutions to begin partnership with Platinum Oil

Asseco Business Solutions to begin partnership with Platinum Oil

Asseco Business Solutions has signed a contract with Platinum Oil to implement and support the Mobile Preselling solution. Platinum Oil is a distributor of oils, lubricants and car care products under the brand name ORLEN OIL.

Mobile Preselling is being introduced to streamline the management of a team of sales representatives, automating their activities and consequently - increasing the effectiveness of the mobile sales activities.

Mobile Preselling will help to optimise and accelerate the flow of information between the management and the sales staff. The management will get access to the ongoing monitoring of the sales activities performed by the mobile sales staff. Accessing the central sales module via their PDA devices, the sales representatives will be in position to carry out sales and extra-sales activities in real time and analyse gathered information ( such as stock levels, accounts due etc). It will have an impact on management of their daily tasks, increasing work standards and improving the quality of customer service.

Mobile Preselling will allow the company to automate the flow of documents related to handling complaints as well as advertising materials. The system will also allow automatic data cleansing of the customer database (automated identification of duplicated entries including typos, errors and minor inconsistencies between entries)

The mobile solution from Asseco Business Solutions will enable us to effectively manage our mobile sales staff and help them increase their performance. The system will also allow us to improve the level of customer care, thanks to raising the standards of visits by the sales representatives. This will be possible through quick and easy access to sales and logistical data at anytime and anywhere. We hope the new tool will help us grow our market share.

Tomasz Głoskowski sales director, Platinum Oil


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