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Asseco Business Solutions to facilitate the management of pharmaceutical mobile sales force

Asseco Business Solutions to facilitate the management of pharmaceutical mobile sales force

Vitis Pharma Sp. z o.o., a well know brand of pharmaceuticals for babies, children and adults, extended its contract with Asseco Business Solutions to maintain the mobile SFA system. The aim of the system is to facilitate the management of medical and pharmaceutical Sales Reps' operating for Vitis Pharma countrywide.

Vitis Pharma contracted Asseco Business Solutions to support its Mobile Pharma solution automating the work of the mobile sales force. The application considerably increases the efficiency of the sales staff and provides the managers with current as well as past market data. The system helps to manage the key objectives of sales staff, including receiving orders, promotional activities in pharmacies, electronic transfer of orders and other data to wholesalers and the recording of the data resulting from store visits as well as the effects of promotional activities at doctors offices.

An effective management of mobile sales force in an environment as competitive as the pharmaceutical business is only achievable with professional IT tools. They can provide substantial support to Sales Representatives in their daily activities and give the managers instant access to quality data presented in a uniform manner, which enables fast analysis and decision-making.

the staff of the Sales DepartmentVitis Pharma

Vitis Pharma has been successfully running a mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions since 2009. The program is fully outsourced.


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