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Asseco House of Sales vol. 1: lay the Foundation to improve sales performance!

Asseco House of Sales vol. 1: lay the Foundation to improve sales performance!

Consumer goods companies constantly look for new ideas and solutions enabling them to be more competitive. To meet their expectations we have designed the Asseco House of Sales which consists of a set of comprehensive solutions for sales excellence in the FMCG sector.

The Asseco House of Sales covers all processes which are important for FMCG sales teams. It offers basic Sales Force Automation features which are already a commodity (basement/ground floor), ground breaking SFA Game Changers allowing to make the company more KPI driven (innovations on the 1st and 2nd floor), as well as Data Integration Solutions enabling effective data exchange between manufacturers and their business partners (roof).

House of Sales - fundamentals (SFA 1.0)

Nowadays fundamental SFA functionality is a must have for every FMCG manufacturer employing a mobile sales force. It has a big impact on the sales executives’ day-to-day operations in the field, allowing them to improve sales performance and increase effectiveness in their daily routines.

Asseco House of Sales ground floor - the fundamentals:

  1. Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation Fundamentals offers a set of tools to help sales representatives to plan all the activities related to managing and closing sales. It enables e.g.  activity planning, account management and segmentation, as well as contact management and leads distribution.
  2. The solution supports the execution of in-store activities which directly or indirectly influence the achievement of sales targets. It allows you e.g. to configure multiple types of sales documents and create questionnaires. It enables to plan promotional offers, control circulation of fixed assets, as well as manage contracts for customers.
  3. Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals also allows the users to quickly analyse sales data and delivers ready-to-use analytical reports to help field representatives make proper decisions at the POS.
  4. For sales managers our solution enables you to define goals, measure KPI achievements, support the sales staff in their efforts. It also helps to build the organizational structure of the sales force thanks to the territory management functionality.

For almost twenty years we have been providing consumer goods manufacturers with Sales Force Automation solutions. No matter what go to market model the customer follows our solution can support this. It includes Merchandizing, Pre-Sales, Van Sales or Direct Store Delivery. Mobile Touch SFA Fundamentals offers excellent SFA foundations. It is also the bridge to the next level which offers more sophisticated tools - so called SFA 2.0 Game Changers, enabling FMCG companies to sell more.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

All in all, Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation Fundamentals represents a comprehensive set of tools for the "must haves" to enable mobile sales force. However, it is just the foundation layer, stay tuned for our news next week to elaborate on the game changing add-on modules coming with Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation 2.0.

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