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Asseco House of Sales vol. 2: SFA 2.0 - push the boundaries beyond Sales Force Automation commodity!

Asseco House of Sales vol. 2: SFA 2.0 - push the boundaries beyond Sales Force Automation commodity!

Having in mind that FMCG companies face a problem with growth and cost reduction we have designed a set of innovations: Game Changers which enable manufacturers to sell more and reduce cost-to-serve. Our SFA 2.0 tools are part of the Asseco House of Sales which helps to empower FMCG sales representatives with recent mobile technology.

The Asseco House of Sales covers all processes which are important for sales excellence in FMCG. It provides Sales Force Automation commodity (basement/ground floor), next generation SFA Game Changers allowing you to increase sales and optimise costs (1st and 2nd floor), as well as Data Integration Solutions enabling to digitalise the flow of information in your routes to market (roof).

The Asseco House of Sales first and second floor - the next generation SFA 2.0 Game Changers:

  1. Mobile Touch Perfect Store will help you to make your products more visible at the Point of Sales. It will enable you to create the best conditions at the retail stores. It will instruct your sales representatives about the picture of success and how to improve further during the next visits. And it really works: our customers report at least 5-20 % sales increase after implementing Perfect Store.
  2. Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation will enable you to reach the right customers, at the right time and at reduced costs and then take the most appropriate action in response to the current situation at the POS. In consequence it will help you to increase your profitability by 5 %. Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation is the first and ground breaking RAO solution that Gartner has seen move beyond prototype capabilities. It is also the Best-in-class solution which opens a new frontier in FMCG according to the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).
  3. Mobile Touch Motivation will enable you to increase your sales force’s engagement, enthusiasm and commitment to their work, This becomes reality thanks to the possibility to define goals for your sales force, make target accomplishments visible in real-time, show variable compensation in real-time and drive excitement due to gamification.
  4. Mobile Touch Coaching will help you to grow your sales force. It will support and complement your traditional training methods. It will allow you to improve a full range of personal and sales skills of your sales representatives as well as to keep their product knowledge up-to-date. POI describes Mobile Touch Coaching as the Best-in-class tool which provides formalized feedback loops to address the human element in improving sales execution.

Most leading consumer goods companies know how to improve their sales force’s excellence on a daily basis. They already use recent Sales Force Automation technology supporting their sales representatives in sales planning and in-store execution. But it is not enough to win at the POS nowadays! To beat their competitors FMCG manufacturers need to take a step forward and look for the new ideas and tools enabling them to change theirs sales strategies. The aim is always the same – to sell more and attach consumers to your own products. Our SFA 2.0 Game Changers aim to help with that.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations


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