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Asseco House of Sales vol. 3: Digitalise your business partnerships to improve the Retail Execution processes

Asseco House of Sales vol. 3: Digitalise your business partnerships to improve the Retail Execution processes

When you feed your SFA system with sales data coming from your business partners, you can reach a new level of Retail Execution. You are able to better understand whether your sales strategy and the effort made by your sales force are bringing the right results. Therefore we offer our FMCG customers a Data Integration Solution - the Connector Platform, to enable them to have an effective decision making process based on daily sales data updates. The platform is a part of the Asseco House of Sales.

The Asseco House of Sales is a set of innovative and comprehensive solutions enabling FMCG manufacturers to win at the POS. It covers all processes which are important for effective Retail Execution. The Asseco House of Sales provides Sales Force Automation commodity (basement/ground floor), next generation SFA Game Changers allowing you to increase sales and optimise costs (1st and 2nd floor), as well as Data Integration Solutions to digitalise your business partnerships.

The Asseco House of Sales roof: Let sales data drive your routes to market!

1. Get access to comprehensive sales data

Connector Enterprise will help you to evaluate your sales results across various distribution channels and sales territories, providing an overview of the results achieved by your business partners. It will help you to collect sell-out data from your distributors and find answers to the most crucial business questions related to your sales results. As a consequence Connector Enterprise will make it possible to increase the number of stores where your products are available for consumers - it typically provides a 5 to 10 % increase in weighted distribution!

2. Optimise logistical processes within your distribution network

Connector B2B will support the management of sell-in to your distributors (wholesalers, brokers or retailers). It will help to optimise many logistical processes, starting from the moment when your business partners begin to place an order. All in all, Connector B2B will support wide ranging integration with those partners across areas such as sales orders, order statuses, delivery notes, complaints, invoices, etc. Connector B2B will also allow you and your distributors to save time and cut the down shipping costs. The solution will enable a cost reduction for order intake from your business partners from 5 to 10 FTE as well as reduction of product returns by up to 30 %!

3. Benefit from other solutions available with Connector Platform

Connector Platform additionally offers tools to provide information on sales shares by individual product categories (Connector Category) as well as to enable manufacturers to take responsibility for planning deliveries to their business partners in order to guarantee stock availability (Connector VMI).

Our Data Integration Solutions help our FMCG customers to bring cooperation with their business partners to a new level and execute sales strategies as efficiently as never before. It is an additional layer to enable the FMCG industry to get more from their Retail Execution efforts.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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