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Boost your Retail Execution process with your business partners’ data

Boost your Retail Execution process with your business partners’ data

When you feed your Sales Force Automation system with sales data coming from your business partners, you reach a new level of retail execution. You are able to better understand whether the effort and investments made by your sales force are bringing the right results.

Sales data coming from your business partners can be cleansed and imported to your SFA solution with the help of Asseco Connector Platform - the Data Integration Solution (DIS). This can help you improve a number of sales processes related to Retail Execution. First of all, it allows you  to determine whether the retail execution activities are performed efficiently and contribute to improved sales results. Secondly, the data can help you evaluate and adequately compensate members of your sales teams. Finally,  with this kind of  data you will also be able to make the right key decisions regarding the whole sales strategy for particular channels, countries or regions.

How to boost you Retail Execution process with business partners’ data?

1. Enable data integration with your distribution network to make it possible to analyse factual and reliable sales data coming from your distribution network and Points of Sales in real-time. Feed your sales team with strategic data to help them determine whether the sales force reaches the right stores at right time with the right offer. 

2. Use advance reporting capabilities of DIS to determine correlation with retail execution activities. Measure ROI related to individual sales activities such as installation of POS materials, gaining additional shelf share, offering freebies to a particular retail store, etc.

3. Fuel Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) engine within your Retail Execution platform. Make it possible to leverage impactful field sales actions with support of the Retail Activity Optimisation module and the right data. Help your sales force quickly react to events such as decrease in sell-out, predicted out-of-stocks in retail stores, or decrease in category sell-out compared to your competition.

4. Base the bonuses paid to the sales representatives on the invoiced sales achieved on their individual sales territories. It will allow you to redesign bonus models, which up to now, were based on order values coming from your SFA system.

We help our FMCG customers benefit from two groundbreaking solutions – the Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform and Data Integration Solution – the Connector Platform. When using and integrating both of them, we are able to provide consumer goods manufacturers with the right tools for effective go-to-market strategy. From planning - with sales territories corresponding to the sales potential of a particular retail store, through execution - with the right sales activities suggested to their sales force, to evaluation and compensation - with the reliable data helping them measure the effectiveness of their actions – all these processes can now benefit from synergy of our solutions.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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