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Build your House of Sales to enable innovative Retail Execution!

Build your House of Sales to enable innovative Retail Execution!

The consumer goods industry is well known to be very competitive. The consumers and shoppers are not attached to specific brands like they used to be. This has turned the retail outlet into a battle field. This is the place of the moment of truth. If you do not reach your consumers and shoppers there you will lose many sales opportunities. How to do it properly and win?

Stay innovative. Jump out of the box. Do not wait until your competitors become more innovative than you. Do not stay behind. Make your sales representatives win at the Point of Sales every day. Improve your Retail Execution strategy substantially. Let your sales force go to the right places, execute the right activities, with the right sales skills, with the right sales tools, and following the right KPIs.

Build a House of Sales and win at the POS:

1. Basement: Provide SFA Fundamentals for routing, calendar management, surveys, promotions and orders. This will give you  basic efficiency and effectiveness for your mobile staff in their daily processes. No matter if they are Merchandizers, Pre-sellers, Van Sellers or Direct Store Delivery drivers. However, don’t expect that this will give you more than being on commodity level.

2.  First floor: Use the next generation SFA 2.0 game changers to get to the upper floors:

  • Perfect Store will help your sales force understand and audit your picture of success, report in real time and take action right away.
  • Retail Activity Optimisation will enable your sales force to inject data, prioritise visits based on activity impact, embed priorities into their existing route dynamically, as well as act on site accordingly.
  • Motivation will make your sales representatives’ targets and compensation benefits visible in real time. It will also allow your sales teams to have some fun by enjoying gamification.
  • Coaching will enable your regional field sales managers to run joint store checks with their team members, to monitor the sales force skills and knowledge progress, train the mobile staff and make them grow.

3. Roof: Even an advanced Retail Execution strategy supported by SFA 2.0 is not yet good enough for FMCG leaders. Add Data Integration Solutions to your House of Sales to get the full picture of your sales:

  • Use Data Integration Platform to be able to collect sell-out data from your business partners. Generate insights and feed your company with this knowledge. Drive your trade efforts and investments to optimise your routes to market.
  • Offer your business partners an easy-to-use B2B Web Platform to manage your sell-in. Allow your business partners to place orders according to your logistical needs.

For more than twenty years we have been developing sales solutions with the ambition to change the consumer goods industry. Today we are able to offer FMCG leaders a House of Sales - the solutions to make our customers push the boundaries beyond SFA commodity, stay innovative and be ahead of the curve.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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