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Combine sell-more capabilities of Sales Force Automation: drive your Perfect Store with RAO

Combine sell-more capabilities of Sales Force Automation: drive your Perfect Store with RAO

Sales Force Automation 2.0 technology offers you a set of innovative solutions. Those can be combined according to your needs. Perfect Store and Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) are great examples of this. When working together, RAO helps you to unlock the Perfect Store value quicker and more efficiently.

Perfect Store allows FMCG companies to grow sales by 5-20% or even beyond. It is important to note that it contributes to a significant sales increase at short notice. So far so good, but Retail Activity Optimisation can identify your Perfect Store opportunities upfront. Therefore, when putting together Sales Force Automation solutions like Perfect Store and Retail Activity Optimisation you will drive a better ROI from your business.


Perfect Store and Retail Activity Optimisation – meet three reasons why the solutions should work together:

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation helps your field sales representatives to reach the correct stores at the right time. In other words it allows you to get to the Points of Sales where Perfect Store KPIs need to be improved at that specific moment.
  2. The solution also adds relevant customer visits into your sales force’s route planning dynamically, all the time identifying the stores to be visited due to a priority trigger like “Perfect Store score declined”.
  3. Finally, Retail Activity Optimisation helps to apply your insights regarding the Perfect Store activity impact in your daily field sales efforts.

We are proud that our Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation solution has been rewarded by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) for its extraordinary analytical features and sell-more capabilities and achieved a “POI Best-in-class distinction”. The solution has also been praised by Gartner Research as the first RAO solution that Gartner has seen moving beyond prototype capabilities. Let it drive your Perfect Store journey and get to even better results.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

Learn more about our Sales Force Automation solutions for the FMCG industry. Read more about Mobile Touch Perfect Store and Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation.


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