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Compelling product presentations within your retail execution solution?

Compelling product presentations within your retail execution solution?

Combine an attractive presentation layer with store level commercial data injections. This empowers your sales force with strong visualization capabilities within their retail execution solution. Your mobile staff will be able to maintain more consultative relationships with their customers and in consequence sell more.

Our recent innovation “Mobile Touch Smart Presentation” is applicable to many areas of your retail execution solution. For example it allows your sales representatives to present your product catalogue more comprehensively and visualize your selling stories more compellingly in front of a customer.

If you want your sales force to sell better and sell more, make them present your compelling selling stories at the POS!

With Mobile Touch Smart Presentation:

  1. You are able to show your product offers in a more compelling way to your customers.
  2. Your  sales representatives can easily navigate into the assortment/listing related to that customer.
  3. You can “tell an interesting story” about your offers, showing e.g. product added value, ingredients, production process, comparison to competition, serving proposals, marketing movies, advertisements, etc.
  4. You can finally take the order right away from this presentation layer. Your retail execution software will take into account all the conditions, discounts, promotional actions for the given customer, etc.

The selling environment is much more difficult nowadays for consumer goods manufactures. Therefore we constantly add new functionality to our Mobile Touch platform to support our customers’ retail execution processes better and better. With Mobile Touch Smart Presentation they are able to be different, innovative and more effective at the point of sales.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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