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Creating product profiles in Mobile Touch

Creating product profiles in Mobile Touch

With a view to further improving the process of product management in Mobile Touch, we have introduced a mechanism of building a product range based on dynamically combined groups (the so-called “product profiles”). The tool is intended primarily for companies that maintain extensive product files and are forced to categorize their offering on a regular basis.

The new feature enables a quick and easy creation of product ranges allowing for the combination of existing product categories, at the same time boosting the efficiency of the Sales Representatives' performance. The operation principle of the new solution can be shown in the following example from the cosmetic industry, which reveals a considerable amount of product variants. Many products have up to a dozen types (e.g. hair dyes), which makes the management the relevant product ranges rather complicated and time-consuming.

Creating product profiles in Mobile Touch

With the mechanism of product profiles, the business administrator of the Mobile Touch SFA software can now create even the most complex product lists by narrowing a group of products only to selected categories that may be of interest to the SR. For example, when creating a listing of hair dyes, only specific manufacturers and brands can be selected; the list can also be narrowed by, for example, the type of dye (of plant origin or synthetic), durability (permanent, semi-permanent or temporary), manufacturer's region or country, price level (e.g. premium), current promotions, etc.


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