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Digitalize your Sales Force Automation processes and sell more!

Digitalize your Sales Force Automation processes and sell more!

Omnichannel is a new groundbreaking growth opportunity for the consumer goods industry. With Omnichannel you can reach more customers. More than that, it helps you to ensure more frequent contacts with stores and engage their managers in the sell-in and sell-out activities. All this is possible when you move some of your Sales Force Automation processes into the digital world as well.

Omnichannel offers you a unique combination of Sales Force Automation technology with eCommerce. Thus, with Omnichannel you can handle sales through both face to-face in-store visits and online self-services. In other words, it enables you to run the same sales strategy within different channels in parallel, all available within one single solution.

See how Omnichannel can boost sales in FMCG:

1. Omnichannel - a successful combination of in-store execution with online sales management

A fundamental Sales Force Automation solution covers routing, calendar management and in-store execution including store audits, promotions and/or order taking. It influences your sales when your sales representative visits a retailer during the working day. With Omnichannel you can achieve more when providing your customers with the additional eCommerce channel for self-servicing in 24/7 mode. It will provide your business partners with information on your products, promotions, insights, etc. It will also allow your customers to manage online order processing and settlement, review order status and delivery information; any time.

2. Perfect Store – one strategy two different channels to execute it

Perfect Store helps consumer goods companies to create and maintain the best sales conditions in retail outlets to positively influence sales growth. It enables their sales force to monitor and improve the Perfect Store scores at the POS during their visits. An Omnichannel approach adds a digital Picture of Success into your sales strategy. It allows you to engage with retailers to take care of the Perfect Store standards by themselves by making the Perfect Store guidelines, instructions, surveys, etc. available in a B2B eCommerce solution. Therefore, you are able to increase the number of stores which meet your Perfect Store criteria.

3. Motivation - engagement and excitement across your sales force and customers

Motivation will make your sales representatives hit their targets visit by visit. The motivation functionality enables you to define goals for your sales force. It also makes them fully aware of the targets completion and shows them the compensation or bonus points earned in real-time. In addition, it allows you to use gamification initiatives such as mobile competitions directly linked to sales targets. Omnichannel opens new possibilities. It enables you to run and manage digital loyalty programmes for your retailers as well, and build long-term relationships with them. With Omnichannel you can define goals for your customers and track their engagement level. All available within the eCommerce self-service mode. The objectives can be connected to trade terms management or contracts execution. In return, the online platform will constantly inform your business partners about the tangible benefits rewarding them their engagement. The Omnichannel approach also allows you to implement virtual gamification for retailers. Having access to your B2B portal, your customers may participate in competitions between stores having 24/7 access to the results and related bonus schemes.

Omnichannel by Asseco is a unified sales platform which includes both Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation technology and Connector Platform B2B eCommerce functionality. It works like a menu card. The customer chooses the solutions needed to support integrated sales strategies.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations.

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