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Direct Store Delivery - an alternative go-to-market model to increase sales in FMCG

Direct Store Delivery - an alternative go-to-market model to increase sales in FMCG

Direct Store Delivery helps you to provide retail outlets with your fast-moving products much quicker, cheaper and just in time. More than that, this kind of distribution model does not require any involvement of the retail distribution partners. It offers you the advantage of accelerating sales in real-time. For many consumer goods companies Direct Store Delivery is an additional route-to-market and an alternative way to sell more, optimize costs, and better control inventories of goods requiring frequent deliveries to the points of sales.

Direct Store Delivery allows you to deliver your products directly to the stores. It is particularly important if some of your sales are seasonal or when you offer fast-moving goods, like food, grocery or beverages. Especially those which must be supplied in a fast mode because they need to be fresh or have short expiration dates. However, the concept is getting more and more popular in many other sectors within the FMCG industry. This is because manufacturers can see tangible benefits like costs saving and sales increase. Direct Store Delivery also allows you to quickly adjust deliveries to changing consumers’ needs much better.

Direct Store Delivery - an alternative go-to-market model

Learn more about what a modern Direct Store Delivery process includes:

1. Effective routing

Enable full visibility of the route and the activities planned for each store visit no matter who plans the route on behalf of the driver. Provide your mobile employees with editable access to the route as well enable them able to reschedule visits if needed according to ad hoc priorities. Enable online access to the current traffic situation.

2. Excellent execution

Support your drivers in executing the planned delivery. It should cover fundamental activities like invoicing, cash collection, packaging settlement, amounts due settlement, survey execution, complaint handling, etc. Additionally, help your mobile representatives to be more consultative at the stores. Include Pre-selling and Merchandising tasks to their duties. Make them responsible for influencing demand with Perfect Store activities at the shelf by taking care of the product availability and visibility at the POS.

3. Successful closing

Help your drivers to successfully close delivery at the end of the route – in an easy and fast way. It should cover processes like unloading, stock differences control and truck stock counting. Provide information on the total sum of money collected.


We offer the FMCG industry innovative solutions supporting direct delivery processes. Mobile Touch Direct Store Delivery supports consumer goods drivers responsible for both sales and shipment. It helps them to plan, execute and settle deliveries. More than that we suggest going beyond fundamental Direct Store Delivery functionality and combine it with Pre-selling, Merchandising, Perfect Store or even Retail Activity Optimisation capabilities.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

Learn more about the Mobile Touch Direct Store Delivery solution for the FMCG industry!


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