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Embed Geolocalisation into your Sales Force Automation solution

Embed Geolocalisation into your Sales Force Automation solution

Contemporary Sales Force Automation solutions offer the consumer goods industry a wide range of ground-breaking “sell-more” capabilities, effective real-time targeting, intelligent and extremely attractive presenting capabilities, etc. This can be particularly valuable in growing the business. However, Sales Force Automation solutions can also offer some other, not as spectacular, but still smart and very useful functions. One example of these is the ability to use and analyse information relating to Geolocalisation.

When focusing on Geolocalisation in the Sales Force Automation solution, consumer goods manufacturers are able to serve more customers, reduce travel expenses, monitor if their sales force keeps to their daily route, as well as gain access to different kind of territory insights.

Fundamental benefits from Geolocalisation:

  1. Geolocalisation, whilst being a part of the mobile Sales Force Automation solution, supports FMCG sales forces in planning the most optimal route to the customers they are supposed to visit on a given day. In other words, it enables them to choose the best and cheapest way to reach the stores.
  2. More than that, it also navigates sales representatives turn-by-turn when driving to execute their visits. This is extraordinarily useful for new mobile employees who are not yet well-oriented where their customers are located and what is the best way to get to them.
  3. Geolocalisation enables your sales managers to follow their subordinates’ daily activities. Geolocalisation reports where the sales representative is located and what stores he has visited.

RAO - optimised planning by Geolocalisation

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation helps your mobile staff to determine the most impactful list of customers to be visited. Those visits reflect the current priorities of your business. Geolocalisation helps to amend the originally planned route dynamically.
  2. In addition, Geolocalisation prompts the field sales rep to additional promising customers nearby. Thus, the same sales force resource pool can invest their effort in visiting more high-potential customers within their working day.

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