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Embed sales contests into your mobile Retail Execution technology!

Embed sales contests into your mobile Retail Execution technology!

Many consumer goods companies pay special attention, every single moment to excellent relationships with their customers. They constantly offer incentives or loyalty programmes. This is all great and needed to improve sales efficiency and win over the competitors, but don´t forget covering your own sales force within your motivation strategy as well. Add gamification elements into your sales representatives’ daily work increasing their engagement and make them feel more excited about carrying out their day-to-day activities.

Internal sales contests can influence all your sales teams, irrespective of their specialisation, sales channel or customer segment responsibility. Such competitions should have one aim – enabling your mobile staff to collect rewards proportionally to the effort they take. It will work well if you introduce clear rules, offer attractive bonuses, provide information in a very attractive way, and enable reporting of the results in real-time on the mobile devices of your sales force. Therefore, such activities need to be fully embedded into your Retail Execution software. In addition, it must be connected with targeting and compensation to make sense.

Mobile contests by Asseco

How to enable your sales representatives to work enthusiastically? Meet six steps of effective gamification within your Retail Execution technology:

  1. Design a sales contest for your sales force and integrate it to their daily work.
  2. Link the sales contest’s KPIs with your mobile staff’s periodical targets.
  3. Enable the automatic calculation of the sales contest scores in real-time.
  4. Provoke some fun. Use attractive and fancy visuals to illustrate the efforts and successes of your sales staff. Enrich those with multimedia information making the final reward extremely attractive.
  5. Make accomplishments comparable. Share execution leaderboards with all users, adding exciting competitive elements from time to time.
  6. Let your sales representatives compete in teams instead of focusing only on the individuals. Share information about the team results to stimulate cooperation and teamwork.

Looking further ahead, gamification is “a must have” capability to drive sales results in Retail Execution when taking into consideration that more and more new FMCG sales representatives are Millennials. They are often addicted to mobile devices and on-line social life, appreciating work-life balance and fun. Therefore, an internal mobile contest is one of the best ways to increase their enthusiasm.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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