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Embed sell-more enablers to improve Retail Execution in the busy holiday season

Embed sell-more enablers to improve Retail Execution in the busy holiday season

Consumer goods manufacturers once again face a difficult challenge: how to improve Retail Execution in the busy holiday season. The market offers major opportunities for sales growth due to the high demand in most of the fast-moving categories, no matter whether you sell beverages, food or cosmetics. Therefore, sales growth is just at your fingertips. To take advantage of this seasonal effect you should direct your sales force to the right stores with the right offers and promotions, enable the best sales conditions, and make your sales representatives willing to invest their maximum effort.

How to prepare your sales force for the upcoming holiday season? Simply include sell-more enablers into your Retail Execution strategy:

Mobile Touch for busy holiday season

  1. Invest your sales force’s time and effort at the right points of sales. Make it possible to select the stores with the biggest sales potential in the busiest season. Determine the customers with the potential to grow sales at this specific moment. Eliminate those who are not promising enough. A Retail Activity Optimisation solution will help you with this selection using priority triggers. Those include a wide range of alerts like potential in the category, anticipated out-of-stock, consumer promotion, drop in sales, unsatisfactory Perfect Store results, etc.
  2. Take care of the seasonal store shelf. Enable an attractive display of your products and maintain the best sales conditions at the POS to influence sales growth. A Perfect Store solution will allow you to audit your Picture of Success as well as suggest to your mobile staff what actions are to be taken to make your offer and promotional materials visible, properly displayed, and presented in accordance with your standards.
  3. Set clear expectations for your sales force. Make them fully aware of their daily targets at the beginning of the day. Show them in real-time how target accomplishments grow, call by call. More than that, provide your sales representatives with information about the compensation or bonus points earned during the calls. To increase engagement even more, introduce a special seasonal competition for your mobile staff, available on their mobile devices. All of this is possible with support of the Motivation solution, embedded into your Retail Execution technology.
  4. Help your sales representatives in presenting and negotiating with the store managers. Use the Smart Presentation capabilities to present your seasonal offer and promotions in a very compelling way. It will help your sales force to visualize your products and selling stories.
  5. Complement your sales force’s calls with on-line eCommerce. Provide your customers with online access to information on your products, promotions, category insights, etc. Enable such capabilities as digital order processing and settlement, targeted assortments, promotions or pricing. Therefore, you will be able to reach more customers in the same amount of time with seasonal offering and promotional activities.

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