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Empower your retail execution with Mobile Touch Coaching – a POI Best-in-Class recipient!

Empower your retail execution with Mobile Touch Coaching – a POI Best-in-Class recipient!

Mobile Touch Coaching by Asseco has been awarded with the POI Best-in-Class distinction in the latest “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods”. The document is a significant source of information for FMCG manufacturers seeking for the best retail execution technology. The Promotion Optimization Institute praised Mobile Touch Coaching for its exceptional functionality to coach the FMCG sales force.

POI highlights several categories of “Best-in-Class Distinctions” every year. They highlight the most critical retail execution solutions which are unique and help to sell better and sell more in the consumer goods industry. Considering the Asseco offering, this year we have been awarded in many areas including Mobile UX (User Interface), Gamification, Retail Activity Optimisation, and Coaching. In the case of coaching, POI describes Mobile Touch Coaching as, “providing formalized feedback loops to address the human element”.

Tangible benefits for manufacturers

Mobile Touch Coaching is an innovative management platform which helps to ensure ongoing growth of the FMCG sales force. It improves your sales force‘s efficiency and increases their chances of winning at the point of sales. The solution allows you to:

  1. Train your mobile staff towards an expected level, as well as track the results and suggest ad-hoc improvements.
  2. Grow your sales force’s knowledge and required skills faster and more structured.
  3. Implement new sales strategies and introduce new offers in a very professional way and in a shorter period of time.

Scope of functionalitiesMobile Touch Coaching - POI Best in Class award

Mobile Touch Coaching enables you to set up the best possible coaching model fully adapted to your needs. It offers a lot of functionalities like the ability to:

  1. Evaluate your sales representatives’ level of skills and knowledge, as well as determine their strengths and weakness.
  2. Plan the coaching sessions with the sales representatives suggesting which individuals will require support more urgently, identifying those who have not reached their targets and require remedial actions.
  3. Carry out the coaching sessions during store visits and log them in real time.
  4. Evaluate sales representatives on the go and present the assessment’s results.
  5. Prepare tailor-made programs for further improvements.


About the POI Vendor Panorama

The “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018” analyses the global Retail Execution marketplace and evaluates the most significant providers of mobile technology, helping consumer goods manufacturers to be more effective in sales. The report considers factors like: company viability, geographic strategy, market responsiveness and track record, deployment capabilities, market understanding, vertical/industry strategy, partner leverage, and company vision. In terms of the products assessment it evaluates the solutions considering the following: product aptness and flexibility, delivery flexibility, solution completeness, off-line capabilities, user experience, analytical capabilities, product vision, and configurability. The author of the report - Dale Hagemeyer - leads the research, best practices, and advisory function at POI and has been active on the POI Board since its inception.

Learn more about our solutions for Retail Execution in the FMCG industry! Read more about Mobile Touch Coaching.


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