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Empower your Sales Force Automation to introduce your new products more effectively

Empower your Sales Force Automation to introduce your new products more effectively

Consumer goods companies usually offer a wide range of products and their assortment is changing all the time; some products replace other ones, some of them are re-launched, some are added. Unfortunately, even the best products cannot sell themselves. Therefore, manufacturers invest a lot into the marketing strategy and advertising. So far so good, but if your offer is not present and properly exposed at a specific point of sales where your shoppers can expect it, you will lose your sales opportunity and the money invested into production and promotion. In reality, much depends on your sales force’s activities and capabilities.

A well-designed Sales Force Automation solution can significantly affect sales of your new products and guarantee successful target accomplishment. Such a mobile technology allows your field sales representatives to reach the retail outlets with the highest potential, the appropriate sales arguments for talks with the store managers, as well as maintain the best sales conditions at the POS. An SFA solution also enables you to increase your mobile staff’s knowledge about your novelties at short notice.

SFA by Asseco - introduce your new products more effectively!

Make your Sales Force Automation a powerful weapon for introducing your new offers effectively. See our tips on how to do it successfully with an eco-system of SFA solutions:

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation allows your sales force to identify those stores where you have the best chance of winning with your new assortment. When suggesting a list of the customers it focuses on impact triggers like potential in the category. The solution also helps your mobile staff to provide the retail outlets with a constant availability of the new items. In other words, RAO makes your sales representatives smart enough to find and serve the stores where your new product will be really desired by consumers.
  2. Smart Presentation enables you to provide exceptionally attractive sales presentations of your new offer within the SFA solution. With this tool you can “tell an interesting story” about your new product in a compelling way, showing e.g. its added value, ingredients, production process, comparison to the competition, serving proposals, marketing movies, advertisements, etc. All in all, Smart Presentation helps your sales force to convince retailers to order and sell your new product much more effectively.
  3. Coaching can guarantee that your sales force will gain deep new product knowledge faster and more easily. With the solution you can train your sales representatives about the new assortment’s features and advantages towards the expected level, as well as track the results. Therefore, Coaching will help you to introduce your new offer in a very professional way and in a short period of time.
  4. Perfect Store helps you to create and maintain the best sales conditions in retail outlets to positively influence your new product’s sales growth. The solution supports your mobile staff in making your offer visible, available and attractively displayed at the points of sales. It also enables them to audit your related KPIs during the sales call and improve the situation visit by visit. Therefore, Perfect Store significantly increases your chances of winning at the shelf with your new assortment.

When launching new products consumer goods companies must not only design,  produce and advertise them. Everything matters here to be successful. We offer the FMCG industry another piece of the puzzle – a Sales Force Automation technology that helps to generate relevant numerical distribution and guarantee sales increases.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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