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Empower your Sales Force Automation with real-time reporting capabilities to win at the point of sale

Empower your Sales Force Automation with real-time reporting capabilities to win at the point of sale

Reporting in real-time embedded into your Sales Force Automation technology makes your sales representatives smarter in their daily routines. It improves, for example Targeting, Route Planning, Perfect Store Auditing and Compensation Visibility by making your sales representatives constantly aware of the results of their work.

Meet four key Sales Force Automation functionalities benefiting from real-time reporting embedded into your Sales Force Automation technology:

  1. Real-time Targeting enables your sales representatives to constantly track their current achievements on their mobile devices. When being aware of the targets at the beginning of the day and the score improvements achieved during every sales call, your sales force will be better motivated to constantly push to hit their planned targets.
  2. Real-time Routing is another important possibility to leverage the real-time options. The Retail Activity Optimisation module considers current priorities to trigger visits based on the activity impact and allows for changing a given route dynamically to unlock a new opportunity ad hoc.
  3. Real-time Perfect Store Auditing allows your sales representatives to calculate the KPIs on the fly and, as a consequence, close a visit much more successfully. When having access to current audit results, your mobile staff can fix in-store issues on-the-fly instead of awaiting until the next sales call.
  4. Real-time Compensation is a very efficient way to make your sales representatives more engaged in their daily work, whilst constantly providing them with information on their bonus/points based on the targets achieved. This functionality shows on the mobile devices the bonus/points earned per visit, daily, monthly or quarterly. This helps you motivate your employees to accomplish their KPIs in the most effective way for their own benefit.

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