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Enrich your Perfect Store capabilities with complementary retail execution solutions

Enrich your Perfect Store capabilities with complementary retail execution solutions

Perfect Store has conquered the consumer goods industry. It works well and produces excellent results whilst moving and maintaining the situation at the points of sales towards excellence. However, Perfect Store should not be an island solution. It is time to take the next step making your retail execution journey more exciting. Consider complementary solutions like Motivation and Coaching as well. They will help you to untap additional value from Perfect Store.

When implementing a Perfect Store solution, you will notice quite impressive sales increases very quickly. When combining it with Coaching and Motivation you will improve your chances of winning at the shelf even further. For this purpose, the latest retail execution technology has been designed – it supports every step of your sales force’s work – to make them well prepared, properly motivated and fully efficient when creating the most optimal conditions in retail stores.

How can Motivation and Coaching solutions empower Perfect Store?

  • A Motivation solution allows FMCG companies to improve their sales force’s engagement and performance. In terms of Perfect Store, it is a groundbreaking functionality which helps to motivate sales representatives to better hit their Perfect Store targets. The solution enables both planning the targets and linking them to a very effective bonus system. Most importantly, it provides real-time information about target accomplishments and related bonus points earned after each visit or at the end of a day.
  • A Coaching solution supports and complements traditional training methods – it helps to constantly grow FMCG sales representatives’ skills and knowledge during on-site store visits. Considering Perfect Store, a Coaching solution allows your field sales force to learn the Perfect Store principles easier and faster, as well as better understand how to improve the Perfect Store scores at the POS. It also enables you to monitor sales representative’s behaviour at the points of sales to plan individual coaching sessions for them. Eventually, it makes it possible to identify those sales representatives who have not reached their Perfect Store targets yet and require remedial actions.

The Promotion Optimization Institute recommends consumer goods companies to prioritize capabilities that will help users be more effective in retail execution, i.e. to sell more*. Based on our experience, a Perfect Store initiative is one of those. But that is not all, we offer FMCG companies the chance to make a bigger difference with additional sell-more functionalities. It is an entire eco-system of solutions working together on the same retail execution platform. Such an approach allows our customers to unlock the Perfect Store value much better.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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* Source: POI “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018”.


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