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Enrich your Sales Force Automation capabilities to empower your retailers to sell more

Enrich your Sales Force Automation capabilities to empower your retailers to sell more

A Point of Sales is a place where the purchasing decisions of your consumers are taken all day, every day. If your offer is not present at the right stores, on the right shelf and correctly displayed at the right moment, your sales opportunity will dramatically decrease. To prevent this, you must cover the proper retail outlets and pay great attention to the systematic development of relationships with your retailers. Recent Sales Force Automation capabilities will support your mobile sales representatives to do so properly.

How to do it successfully? First of all, with the support of multiple innovations added to your Sales Force Automation capabilities, you are able to select the stores with the biggest growth potential, as well as present them with the appropriate products in a very compelling way. More than that, innovative SFA capabilities allow you to engage your retailers into many sales processes, in both the traditional f2f and also the digital way. Don’t get left behind, enable yourself to convince retailers to sell your products better.

Enrich your Sales Force Automation

Meet three tips for a successful cooperation with your retailers:

  1. Use Retail Activity Optimization to determine a list of stores your sales representatives should visit at a given moment. The solution will suggest talking to the retailers who have the biggest potential to grow right now based on a priority trigger. This can include a wide range of alerts like drop in sales, active consumer promotions, unsatisfactory Perfect Store results, etc.
  2. Equip your sales force with Smart Presentation capabilities to enable them to present your product offer in a more compelling way to retailers. This will empower your mobile staff to tell an interesting insightful story based at store level with business data injections. Change the role of your sales representatives into a more consultative one.
  3. Digitalize your sales communication and processes. Enable complementary digital communication with your retailers. Offer them a self-service B2B platform providing them with Brand Communication, Order Management and Customer Loyalty features like Trade Terms and Incentive Management based on Perfect Store and Gamification.

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