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Enrich your Sales Force Automation with compelling gamification capabilities!

Enrich your Sales Force Automation with compelling gamification capabilities!

Gamification is an important part of the motivation process. It helps you to bring excitement and fun into the everyday work of your sales force. It aims to engage your mobile staff to perform better and sell more. It even works better if you enrich gamification with Mobile Touch Smart Presentation.

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation allows you to make a better use of the gamification tools available within your Sales Force Automation software. It combines a very attractive presentation layer with sales data injections. Therefore it enables you to present extremely nice visualizations e.g. an internal competition for your sales force, based on their real-time target achievements. All available within your SFA system!

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation enables you to:

  1. Use compelling designs when organizing the competition for your sales representatives within your Sales Force Automation software.
  2. Use animated visuals to illustrate the efforts and successes of your sales staff.
  3. Make your mobile staff constantly aware of their results as well as share execution leader boards on their mobile devices in an attractive, fancy and more interesting way.

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation can really change gamification rules and results. Add it to your Sales Force Automation solution. It can help to stimulate the competition and cooperation between your sales representatives. Keep them constantly engaged and make them feel excited.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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