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Enrich your Sales Force Automation with Retail Activity Optimisation

Enrich your Sales Force Automation with Retail Activity Optimisation

Increasing the profitability is one of the most important objectives for consumer goods sales managers. One option to ensure this is to go beyond fundamental Sales Force Automation functionality. With a Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) solution you can apply category insights to the daily activities of your sales representatives. Give it a try – our customers report a profitability increase of 5%!

Retail Activity Optimisation is a ground-breaking functionality. It has been developed within our Sales Force Automation technologies to help consumer goods companies sell more. What makes it special? RAO allows you to dedicate your sales force’s efforts to the stores with the highest expected return on investment and to act accordingly to achieve the best outcome.

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation - profitability


How RAO increases profitability in FMCG?

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation helps you to direct your sales representatives to the right customers at the right time. It suggests to your mobile staff to visit the customers who need immediate actions due to a priority trigger like “drop in sales”, “consumer promotion pending”, “Perfect Store score declining”, etc.
  2. The solution is also an extremely valuable source of information on the sales strategies at the Points of Sales. It prompts sales representatives what specific actions they need to take in each visited store to benefit most from their visits.
  3. RAO is designed to embed ad hoc priorities into the planned route dynamically. The revised route can be optimized in real-time with a single click on the mobile device.
  4. Last but not least, RAO helps your sales representatives to plan the most optimal route to get to their customers. Consequently, your company will be able to save travel time and expenses.

As a leading provider of Sales Force Automation solutions for the FMCG industry we expand our technologies all the time. We were one of the pioneers when we brought Retail Activity Optimisation into action. Our solution Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimisation has received the POI Best-in-Class award. Guess why?

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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