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Expanding into Asia with Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation

Expanding into Asia with Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation

Mobile Touch continues to be deployed across the new markets in both the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. We deliver in Asian markets typically Sales Force Automation Fundamentals, Perfect Store and Van Sales capabilities.

In the meanwhile we have delivered our Sales Force Automation technology to several Asian markets. And we are gaining more and more Mobile Touch users in this part of the globe. We are happily cruising with successful implementations in Australia, Thailand and China. Currently we are due to deploy in the United Arab Emirates and India.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

The Mobile Touch sales platform enhances the efficiency of everyday sales representatives' processes. No matter if they operate in the European, American or Asian markets. No matter if they do merchandising, pre-sales, van sales or direct store delivery.

Mobile Touch offers comprehensive Sales Force Automation Fundamental features such as e.g. targets, routing, calendar, surveys, promotions and orders. More to it, the mobile staff can benefit from additional innovative Mobile Touch game changers like Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation and Coaching. In consequence they are able to increase sales and efficiency far beyond expectations of Sales Automation Fundamentals.

Mobile Touch has over 25.000 users in more than 35 countries globally. The platform has become a global Sales Force Automation solution for many leading FMCG manufacturers. They appreciate its capability of the global process configuration and  its ability to support regional or local business processes at the same time.

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