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Gamification in FMCG? Why? How?

Gamification in FMCG? Why? How?

Gamification is a new key to motivate your people. Bring them to the next level by adding fun into their daily work. Gamification aims to make your sales force compete with each other in a more relaxed way. It helps them to achieve their goals better.

Gamification allows FMCG companies to create internal competitions and compile leaderboards.

No matter if individual or team oriented. Sharing execution leaderboards or information on the team’s results with all users can be an exciting, competitive element allowing you to stimulate competition, but as well cooperation and teamwork among your sales representatives.

5 steps to make gamification efforts effective:

  1. Engage your sales force in the motivation process. Stimulate their work by targets visibility.
  2. Show your sales reps results in real time. Make accomplishments comparable.
  3. Let your sales representatives compete in teams instead of just focusing on the individual.
  4. Design competitions for your employees based on their target achievements and automatically calculate competition point scores.
  5. Share execution leaderboards with all users, adding exciting competitive elements as well as share information on the team results to stimulate cooperation and teamwork.

Mobile Touch Gamification is a set of gamification elements designed to foster rivalry and/or collaboration between sales representatives. It enables you to create employee/team rankings (leaderboards). It prompts updates on the target completion levels, bringing immediate employee gratification. However, gamification has to be connected with targeting, compensation and coaching to make even more sense.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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