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Grow your sales with Retail Execution 2.0!

Grow your sales with Retail Execution 2.0!

FMCG leaders are constantly looking for innovative concepts to help them increase their Retail Execution performance and make them more profitable. Which game changers can really influence a consumer goods industry business? How to grow sales? How to reduce costs-to-serve?

Here is what you need to do to become more powerful in the FMCG market.

Meet the most up-to-date Retail Execution 2.0 influencers:

1. Make your offering more visible at the POS by creating the best possible conditions at the retail stores. Identify the key patterns influencing the purchase decision of your customers. Enable your sales force to select the stores with the greatest selling potential and provide them with a great offer and attractive merchandise. Implement the Perfect Store concept to be more PKI driven. Help your sales representatives achieve the best results at the POS by following pre-established KPI standards.

2. Support your sales representatives by delivering detailed sales data and comprehensive analytical functionalities  right at their fingertips. Suggest them the steps they need to take to achieve their targets, the customers who should be visited, the result a customer visit should ends with, etc. Take advantage of Retail Activity Optimisation and make your sales representatives more efficient by helping them reach the right customers, at the right time and at a reduced cost. Enable them to take the most effective actions in response to your ever-changing priorities.

3. Make your sales force constantly engaged and let them have some fun while working for you by making the most from the Motivation and Gamification solutions. Motivate your mobile staff to sell more effectively. Allow them instant access to detailed information on their bonus calculations. Make them compete with one another to foster rivalry between them while having some fun.

4. Evaluate your sales representatives' skills at all stages of the sales process and increase their knowledge on the regular basis. Help them gain all the skills and knowledge they need for the best possible performance. Use the Coaching functionality to turn your sales representatives into professional sales developers and share your expertise with them. 

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