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HiPP Polska to deploy Mobile Touch from Asseco Business Solutions

HiPP Polska to deploy Mobile Touch from Asseco Business Solutions

HiPP Polska, the producer of internationally renowned, quality organic food for babies and children, implemented the latest mobile system from Asseco Business Solutions. Based on the touch-screen technology, Touch Mobile has greatly improved the operations of HiPP's mobile sales staff delivering to the healthcare sector.

Optimised for iPad Mini, the Mobile Touch SFA software takes the everyday tasks of the HiPP sales staff to the next level, enabling them to serve more clients than ever before. The software is capable of handling all activities performed by the mobile staff to date, as well as managing a multitude of new functions and business processes.


Our sales force automation and retail execution software Mobile Touch gives the sales representatives a quick reporting function, including the information on the visited location and any completed activities, such as presentations made, participation in conferences, workshops and other events. The mobile sales representative is able to determine the level of importance of the different initiatives and activities, which is important to calculating the average effectiveness of the visits. The application stores user-friendly and easily accessible contact lists with all the relevant past data. Mobile Touch also allows the users to create visit templates. Its alert function will inform the user if a particular locations has not been visited in the scheduled time period.

With the deployment of Mobile Touch, the management have been given fast access to the information from the central module of the application (via a web browser). They can perform multi-dimensional data analysis (BI module) and view aggregated information. Based on that, they can be faster in decision-making and draw the right conclusions without wasting time on exporting data into an xls file for "manual" analysis.

Operating just one, convenient portable device is another advantage of the deployment of Mobile Touch at HiPP. The equipment fulfils all users' business needs and replaces the previously used and less convenient Pocket PC sets.

HiPP Polska has been partnering up with Asseco Business Solutions since 2006. The company has implemented Asseco BS's mobile solutions and business data exchange platforms.

Reporting on client visits by our mobile sales staff is now much faster thanks to the capable and versatile touch devices running Mobile Touch. The system is extremely intuitive. It supports any multimedia material for the use in presentations and enables their transfer via email. Another strong point of Mobile Touch is the combination of the SFA system with the email service, which makes the system much more innovative compared to other solutions. In addition, the transition to Mobile Touch from the previous application has been really smooth - it required almost no specialised training or operational changes.

Agnieszka Śledzińska Hipp Polska


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